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On sale now are all items in my Etsy shop and items in my Available Art Galleries until August 4th, 2017.

Color RushI'm having a sale so I can spend money in August. 🙂 I gotta buy art supplies. In other words, I'm selling art to make art.

August is the month I stock up on art supplies for the entire year. Also, I'm going to Goodwill on August 2nd to purchase some exercise equipment, among other things.

There are some fun new listings in my Etsy shop. I've put together two or three art pieces in one listing for one price. You'll find these lot listings throughout the shop.

At check out on Etsy, use coupon code ArtForArtSale17 for 25% off your total purchase until August 4th, 2017. If you would like to have a PayPal invoice, I will apply the discount to the invoice.

Trees Lot Art SaleAdditional international shipping locations upon request. I return all international shipping above $1.
Please contact me for financial assistance (layaway, payments) if needed. We will work together to put art on your walls.

Please keep in mind that I also barter. On the sidebar is a wish list from Amazon. You don't need to use Amazon but the items listed are the ones I'm looking for. I'm specifically interested in the wood burning set that I can use with encaustic art. The set is good for wood, soldering and wax work. That's at the top of the list. 🙂

Blue Wonder How does bartering work? Basically, you buy the item and send it to me. I pack up the art piece(s) you chose with corresponding price and send it to you. Easy as that. Contact me and we'll set up our agreement.

Adopt art. Take it home and love it.

I never used to have sales but these are so fun. The prospect of someone taking advantage of the sale just makes me happy. I need to work on banners and such but you can expect to see more sales. This is fun.

Happy shopping!! 🙂

Live free. Create well.

I asked Dr. D that question because I recently saw a show about how damaging it is to children who witness domestic violence. The professional on the show said its damaging emotionally and physically. That lead me to wonder if it's true that it's physically and emotionally damaging for a child to witness the abuse of a sibling. He said yes. I figured it would be emotionally damaging but I wasn't sure how it would be physically damaging. He said it has to do with mind/ body connection. That's when I understood. Ah, we get back to how PTSD can, will and does ravage the body.

* Emotions involve a chemical reactions that touch almost every part of the body.
* An emotion isn't some random happening that's over as quickly as it occurred.
* There's a trail of chemical reactions long after conscious awareness of the emotion.

...continue reading "TR: Is witnessing the abuse of siblings harmful emotionally and physically?"

Roberts' session contents: Physical torture, her need for humiliation, my need for self harm, an adult grooming young girls

We picked up where we left off Friday when we discussed physical torture and how insane it is to step back and watch that situation. It's got to be hard for anyone to picture a woman with a dowel rod over the body of her child. Despite giving me a few minutes to rest, the whole focus was on her needs. The mother abused us in the presence of others more than once. As I talked to Dr. D I was very dissociative and my words became jumbled. I had to close my eyes to concentrate on each word coming out of my mouth. I made a cup of Chamomile Bloom and was able to relax to an anxiety level of 6 or 8 to continue the session.

In addition to the experiences discussed last week, we talked about how the mother held groups for neighborhood girls. The girls would meet at my mother's house for a night out. There were about 4 other girls in addition to my sister and me. She took us to the skating rink and to the arcade. Before we went we'd gather in the living room waiting for the mother to appear. All the girls chatted but sometimes the mother was in the mood for harm so she'd find some reason to pull me or my sister to the back and beat us with the dowel rod. She'd send us back out to the living room to sit with the girls while we waited for her. The girls were shocked, not sure what to do. She loved to humiliate us. ...continue reading "Therapy Review: Robert talks physical torture and emotional control"

I went to bed but I didn't get to sleep until about 5 am. I sketched and painted the whole time.

While having the most beautifully brewed cup of tea you've ever tasted, my friends proclaimed the painting a total success. They said its the single greatest painting in the history of paintings.

I got up to take meds but didn't get up for good until 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon.  I needed that sleep. I said I needed one thing off my plate to feel like I can keep going. I was never specific about what I needed because I didn't know. I also haven't asked for a certain amount of time that it stay off my plate. Each day will have its own anxiety. I just need to make sure my plate isn't so full all the time that I can't bear the weight. I was able to rest which makes carrying today's plate a bit easier.

I checked the news. (shakes head) Honestly, when I saw the bit about Trump and family pardons, I laughed. Trump's intense, fiery hatred for all things right and moral may be the greatest cause of global warming. His nut job, narcissistic antics will, in the end, harm him and those who are around him. You are who your friends are. If you hang with good people you'll fare better.

I've got an easy dinner in the convection oven and a cup of Earl Grey and lavender waiting for me. My late evening will end with a nice bath and more sketching. For the sake of sanity, getting an update on world news has been cancelled.


Let the River Wash Over Me - SOLD - Redbubble prints available Snow and her husband were here today but I wasn't able to get up and greet them. They did what they came to do and left. I've been here in bed most of the day. I checked the news and got on FB for a minute. My body is screaming, even my scalp hurts. The weather is changing and that's a problem.

I'm not depressed right now just in, 'here we go again' mode. Some call it self pity and that's fine. I was in bed thinking, the rest of the world is living but I'm hugging the wall in bed with a voice inside saying,, 'help me.'

It occurred to me that I should contact the doctor that diagnosed the CRSD to see if he can assist in any way. ...continue reading "Low stimulation, high emotion, high pain level"

He talked about how he's seen adults crumble from the pain of caning, so why did my mother think a child could come through it time and again, whole. He said he had to find a way to get through it so while he was being beaten he began to think of more pleasurable experiences which included sexual contact with the girl next door. We were in the 4th grade she in the 3rd.

It didn't seem odd to sit next to this girl and talk about what was being done to us by adults. It was our normal and didn't seem like something we needed to hide from one another. My mother was well aware of the relationship. It was that experience and experiences with other girls that I tried to focus on when being beaten with a dowel rod.

Robert explained that the young girl's uncle had been abusing our girlfriend and that one day while my mother wasn't home the uncle came in our house. At the time, my sister and I were sleeping in my mother's bed. He sat on the end of the bed for the longest time. He made a phone call, sat there longer and then left. I called my mother to tell her. She didn't even bother to come home. She was at work and had the liberty to leave but didn't. Another time this uncle stood in the window of my mother's room and watched the three of us in bed together. That was my 4th grade year. Only when my mother and he made eye contact did she decide to call the police. She was mad because they used their sirens to announce their presence. She wanted them to sneak up on him. After that day I never saw the guy again. ...continue reading "Therapy Review: Robert Talks Physical Torture and Suicide"


I found out about an hour ago that Chester Bennington from Linkin Park killed himself. I'm from the Linkin Park era. I'm from the era where we wrote their lyrics on our school notebooks and watched Chester scream while wearing plaid. He was a strange attraction, someone we could relate to.

I've watched this band grow from kids to activists to fathers. I own every major CD they ever put out.

I know the history of many of the band players. I know how difficult their lives were and I know the songs meant a lot to them and to those who listened. When I heard Chester died it shocked me then the tears came because he killed himself. That's a totally different thing than dying, it means there was excruciating emotional pain that he had to end and that he was past hearing a voice that might help him out of his pain. Hearing that he took his life means Chester was suffering, that is what's behind the tears. I know suffering. I know it emotionally and physically and I hate to hear that others suffer, especially someone I felt a connection to through their music.

I know grief will bend you in half. It will break bones like they're toothpicks. He grieved. Boy did he grieve. I know the emotional toll grief has on a person especially when grieving the suicide of a friend or family member. It can break you, burn your eyes out. My God it'll eat you alive trying to grasp that someone you love committed suicide.  ...continue reading "Suicide is Complex, to say the least – Chester Bennington"

Today I sold the painting "Wait for Me - Let there always be hope". When the individual saw her painting she was moved because she's going through a lot right now. This is the moment artists love, we eat it up.

As artists we put our very lives on canvas and hang it out for all to see. We love the oohh and ahhhh responses but when someone is moved right to the heart, it fuels us, validates us and propels our creative direction.

I so, so love the expression I saw on her face when I handed her the painting. I won't forget that for awhile. I feel like I was able to give someone something of value, a tiny bit of understanding and a little more rope to hold on to. It feels good.

Always Hope - prints on Redbubble

"Wait for Me - Let there always be hope" found a wall of its own.

Art Title: Always Hope
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Colored pencil and watercolor
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Finish: signed, unsealed, unmounted
Style: Abstract Expressionism, Modern

This piece has sold which means it is now only available in prints from Redbubble which is linked to on my sidebar. To see available art that can be purchased through PayPal or Etsy, please see the Available Art Gallery and Available, Too.

Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP - Art for Life

Live free. Create well.

Finding Up - The view from down hereThis evening I'll go to services at the Hall but at half point I'll be taken home by another Lupie. She's part of the group I work with. I would like to stay for the entire meeting but I know I'm not physically up to it.

When I go to the Kingdom Hall I sometimes sit in the auditorium with everyone else but there have been times when my pain level has risen to the point that I need to lie down, in which case I go to the library and roll out my exercise mat. This is the photo from the floor of the room.

No, you won't find me back there doing leg stretches. It's just more comfortable using the purple mat on top of the carpet.

I talk a lot about 'yoga' that I do but I should be very clear in that I don't practice yoga. I do stretches that assist in pain relief and build muscles in areas that have weakened due to chronic illness. In that spirit, I was taught several exercises tailored to my health situation. This is important because some of the exercises on line would work against me. Having guidance lets me avoid accidental harm.  ...continue reading "Finding Up. Amateur Herbalist."

I've rested a bit. I've done some reading and spent time with friends. I've managed a few sketches in my notebook and decided to snap a few shots 🙂

Half of Whole

These are two page sketchbook drawing using watercolor and colored pencil. Both have a lot of color but the one just below in grayscale was created with rich earth tones.

Hue Rich Depleted

This is the sketch at the opening of the entry with a PicsArt filter.

Half of Whole Reversed

Though yesterday was physically painful, it wasn't anywhere close to the emotional and physical pain of Monday. Today continues to be quiet. I intend to do very light housekeeping and to study a little bit for a meeting on Wednesday.

A small dinner is in the convection oven that automatically turns itself off. I'm having a pork chop and green beans with potatoes. I also have a tiny little dessert made primarily of ladyfingers, heavy whipping cream, a tad bit of cocoa and amaretto.

...continue reading "Art and Laying Around"

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