Dry Brush. Dry Bones

There’s only one way to return to art and that is to jump in head first. Grab a brush, choose 3 colors, start the clock, stop thinking and dive in. I’ll scratch, smudge, layer and move paint until the bell sounds. I can’t see any other way to start painting again.

I’m accustomed to creative dry spells and the affects depression has on my work. This is no different than other times which means the same measures can pull me out of the mud.

I’d usually tell myself to allow the down time and don’t push it, but I need my art right now. I’m going to push a little harder to get through this spell. I’m going to accept as a completed project whatever is on the paper when the buzzer sounds.

The longer I go without painting the more I lose touch with the stronger parts of me. I need to feel strong. I need to help myself. I need to toss paint on paper.


November 25, 2015 12:59 am EST

Flickr, the Next My Space

My Face. My Art

My Face. My Art

You asked us how we feel about the new changes. Many have answered but will you choose to listen?

“You tried to fix what wasn’t broken. The gallery view is not clean. It’s obnoxiously large and chaotic. User no longer has control.

Take a step back. Don’t panic, rethink this and listen. Please listen. These changes you’ve made are clearly all about the company, not the user experience. You make money by putting your tags on our work, work that you arrange however you please. I respectfully ask that you listen closely to your members. We are unhappy. An art piece is only half as good as its presentation. You have destroyed the neatly arranged presentation of our work. Is it better to be cutting edge chaotic with dissatisfied customers, or can you see the logic in offering a user friendly, well organized portfolio? Please listen so that Flickr doesn’t become another ghost town cyber community. It would be foolish believe you’re too big and solid for that to happen. “Not us,” said a popular space as cyber dust settled around them.”


What Remains – Surrealism and Recovery

What Remains fmaWhen I painted this piece I wasn’t necessarily thinking about natural disasters such as a hurricane, tsunami or an earthquake. I was thinking of the disasters of the mind. I was thinking about events that leave us feeling crippled and isolated.

What Remains is a painting with many brush strokes, strikes with a toothpick and with black ink. Everywhere you look there is something filling the space. It’s full, overwhelming the canvas with flowing color, splashing contrast and texture that digs at the heart of the matter.

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The Growing Process

Growing ProcessArt Title: The Growing Process
Art by: Faith M. Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink on artist paper, size 8.5 x 5.5 , signed, sealed, unmounted.
The Growing Process is ready to ship today.

Monday afternoon I showed a friend this painting. He said,
“She looks sad”. I replied, “You would be too if you had the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

Yes, she does look sad, and yes great responsibilities are hers. There’s a lot riding on her actions or inaction. However, she has not given up, nor has she slowed the growing process. Continue reading

Gloria – The Other Child

Gloria ( Éponine ) fmaArt Title: Gloria
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Size: 5.5 × 8.5
Medium artists paper, Crayola Crayon, ink
signed on the front and back, heat sealed but no acrylic seal.

NOTE: The watermark lines that go through her face are not on the original painting.

The character Éponine is my second favorite character in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. For me, she stands for every person who has fallen just a few inches short of glory. She’s the most obvious choice because she’s been there from the beginning but the other person can’t see. Her love is loyal yet silent. She is heroic, selfless and always second.

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The compliment

What is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten about your work?

I purchased your art for an unborn child. It’s her first art piece.

It gave me shivers and touched me deeply enough to make tears fall. Someone thought well enough of my art to make it a present for a child unborn. Does it get better than that? I’m not sure it does.

incredible image! …so good it’s frightening!

That’s the kind of comment that tells me others speak my language. I said in color what I needed to say, and the viewer heard me.


The Reconstruction of Sundrip

There is a lot of restructuring to do as it relates to art made available for sale. There is a lot of work involved in just getting art on the net. It needs to be photographed or scanned then filed in individual folders. After that I have to resize, crop to show detail and mark them as the exclusive property of Sundrip. Then each painting has to be uploaded to my Etsy shop with appropriate categories and keywords. This can be a long and tedious process.

While I lay in this very spot for several months it occurred to me that art should be signed and sealed before it even hits the net. I should have pre-cut mounting boards and stabilizing cardboard. It would also be in my best interest to standardize art sizes. I was good for painting on just about any surface but that complicated things for me. If I stick to standard sizes for pre-cut boards I think that will be a great help in getting orders out faster.
And dang it, I need a stapler! I keep saying I prefer not to use one but I’m gettin’ me a stapler, now dang it!!

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Bruised Reed

Bruised Reed

Bruised Reed

When I posted this work on Etsy where I offer original art, I got a comment from another artist that really made me smile. Right away that artist recognized from where I got the phrase, “bruised reed.” I was surprised by that but it was a welcome surprise.

Her face is striking; I know.
She pulls at the heart; I know.
She’s stripped to the bone.
She’s bruised but not broken.

Art Title: Bruised Reed
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Size and Medium: black ink, strikes of color on light grain sketchbook paper. 4.5 × 7, signed, sealed, mounted.

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Bruised Reed 2

 Reed II

Reed II

Art Title: Reed II
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: black ink, acrylic paint, light card stock paper 4 x 7 , signed, mounted, raw unsealed.

Details: Blue, yellow, orange, headdress, large eyes, strikes of paint, finger paint, complex simplicity.

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