I Am, Still

I am uncertain what to say about these pieces of art. For much of the winter I was all but bed bound. I am better but somewhat in a depressed state.

There was very little I was able to do. My pain levels were off the charts. I usually turn to art to express emotions that are difficult to deal with or that linger. I can’t believe how many black pens I went through. At first I thought I was losing my pens because they were gone so quickly. I started to keep the dead pen bodies so I could make sure I wasn’t losing them and that in fact I was going through one pen a day. I really did go through a pen a day, sometimes more. That’s a lot of art. Much of it will never see the light of day but some of it will. I hope to get them posted over the next few days as my body allows.

Each pieces presented is 5 x 7 inches. These original art pieces have been signed, dated and sealed. I’ll get them in the shop as soon as possible.

Summons One and Two

.Summons1 fma  .Summons2 fma  .

The Community  and Comic


 .The Community  .Comic fma .


I Am

Three Tangled fmaI am still here.

I am still drawing.

I am still managing Lupus and Fibromyalgia but with new doctors.

I am hopeful that I will begin to have better days.

I am looking to the middle of April to re-open my Etsy shop. While it is on vacation I’d like to give a preview of a few of the 60 art pieces that have been completed in the last few months while recuperating. These art pieces are 6 inches by 9 inches and are done in black permanent ink. Forty permanent pens were used to complete 60 art pieces. Some drawings have color, others are more powerful with black and white only. Some posted may eventually be in color.

I am still here. I don’t have any more black pens though. :-)

. locker fma  .The Smallest Flower  .  Under the Sun fma .




On the Rise

On the Rise by SundripI’ve attempted to name this piece of art but I’m having difficulties. I see a main figure, a powerful leader with her hands out stretched giving encouragement, strength, maybe even reassurance. Every figure looks to her or is linked to her in some way. They look up, reach up and stretch far to hold her hands. Is she the center and balance or the distraction?

Can the others move on their own? Will their feet move freely if not linked so tightly or are they comforted by knowing they can rely on her out stretched arms?

What of her, this central figure? She supports but who supplies her with the ability to continue to lead? Will they hold her arms up if they ever tire? Are they the reason her arms rise now? Continue reading

The Art Treasury

My friend came over yesterday with well over $400 worth of art supplies. That’s a very conservative estimate once ya start to think of ALL that was part of the gift. My mouth fell open. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned. My desk in the living room was covered in supplies for painting on glass for like making sun catchers. I’ve always wanted to do that but I didn’t really have the funds to venture off into that. I didn’t want to do little projects from the dollar store so I just left it alone. Now I’ve got an incredible video instructional and book along with all the supplies needed to learn to paint my own sun catchers. My artwork on glass, now that’s gonna be fun.

Continue reading

Dorothy in the Meadow

DorothyThis small painting shows a young girl with droopy eyes and blue hanging above them. Cardinals and birds of strange feathers hold her braids like ribbons. Together in the meadow of wildflowers they find quiet solace.

Dorothy is a multi-media collage art piece on heavy card stock. The birds are hand cut and placed in her hair. The painting is 4 inches by 3 inches and has been mounted on black board.

Continue reading

The Wanderer – On Fallen Trees

1 In the woods d7The Wanderer is a nature scene of a young black boy sitting on a tree stump. His shirt is the same color as the roots of the trees that continued to grow the day I wandered into the woods through a host of fallen trees. I couldn’t believe the color. I’d never seen anything like it, such a beautiful and vibrant orange roots coming right out of rich, black earth. WOW!

This scene with the African American boy is based on that moment, the moment when I wandered into the woods.

The boy is sitting on the stump in his orange shirt and navy blue jeans with a tiny button. Beside him is a small red bird (cardinal). The bird is also hand sculpted without a cast. Meticulously placed are curly twigs from grape vines and blackberry vines. As in the real life wooded area, large flowers stand nearly frozen in time, as if dried in a flash. Yellow flowers, two white bushes, small hand picked rocks as well as tiny hand painted flowers have been added to a carpet of reindeer moss. The scene is stationed on a ceramic tile with a felt bottom. Continue reading

What the Heart Wants

Heart Wants fmaShe stands 6.5 inches tall and is 4 inches wide on heavy weight paper. In order to create your painting I first used crayola crayons then began to smooth the colors together with my fingers. I etched with my fingers then used crayola markers. Water was used to move the marker around creating an etched finger painting in Crayola. Details were added in oil pastel and black ink.

Here she is full of emotion, with her eyes closed, head to the side and heart exposed and open. She is vulnerable, full of love, capable of loving much. But what is it that her heart wants? She closes her eyes and she listens. Continue reading

Reach – Surreal Etching

Reach Sundrip fmaReach is a surreal painting / etching created with Crayola Crayons and Crayola Markers on 6.5 x 4.5 inch paper. This is original art drawn with Crayola, smoothed with my fingers then detailed in ink. Your painting is hand crafted in that the images, including the woman with many arms, the sitting figure, the rain drops and the large heart were all finger etched.

Painting Details: A figure in white wraps its many arms around a large, red heart that suspends in the sky. A black figure holds onto the heart with one hand. His heart is blue. He drops blue and purple rain onto dark green grass where a man sits with his hands together under a large face created by the heart and the arms of the female figure in white. Continue reading

What Can Crayola Do?

Fun abstract paintings in Crayola.

Playground by FMA

The name of this piece is called Playground. I have to say I had a blast. I started with one swirl and kept going. I found it relaxing and gentle on my mind. It took about three days before I finally said it’s complete. When I did I began to pick out little hidden figures. Some parts look like a rainbow of salmon fish on the run, some parts resemble to me a swarm of rainbow-colored bees. I can even see the head of a bird. This was pure fun thus the name. Continue reading