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Sunflower Children

Rainbow Child

Rainbow Child by Austin
Picture It Publish It, Medium Chalk over Watercolor (2925x3956 pixels/820 KB)
What does medium chalk over watercolor look like? Click here for a closer look.

Sun Child

Sun Child by Austin
Picture it Publish It, Medium Chalk (1757x2035 pixels/642 KB)
Click here to see a details of texture and colour.

Post Card Home - Willow Child

The Look Away Angel

The paintings look very different when reduced in size. The reduction takes away from the experience in that the viewer is unable to see textures and details in their full size. Unfortunately one can't put the best resolution of their work on the net without copyright infringement concerns so viewers are stuck with smaller resolution images. I always save a copy of the image without all that on it, with just my name in the corner. When it comes time to put paintings up for sale I have a clean high resolution image with which to provide art lover looking for quality paintings of black children and sunflowers or rainbows and swans.

For more images of black children with flowers, butterflies or as fairies and pixies click the side bar category black children or fantasy.

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