Faceless Beauty

Is she faceless or do you know of a beauty that shines with dignity and honor and does not depend upon others for a reflection of self?

These two images resemble one another in more ways than one. The main resemblance is that the women look directly forward, towards the viewer allowing the reflection of the viewer's own beauty. Allow yourself to see the truly beautiful you.

Faceless Beauty

Title: Faceless Beauty
By: F. Magdalene/Austin
May 7th, 2007

Lady In The Trees

We may have scars from the past, imperfections easily seen by the world or private shames that make us feel ugly inside. We may be short, fat, tall or lean, but what we all have in common is the need for validation, connection and freedom to grow. Images with no discernible features will allow beauty to change with circumstances. But every faceless beauty that appears on Broken Pieces will look forward, directly forward with pride and fearless anticipation of the blessings to come.


Lady In The Trees seen to the left can be found in the gallery with other art pieces for sale.


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