Lady Friends

Late night artwork instead of sleeping is only advisable if you don't have somewhere to go in the morning. I hung with friends, emailed friends, did the girl thing until everyone with an ounce of personal responsibility went home. This just leaves me, the irresponsible chick obsessed with PC art OR anxious about what tomorrow may bring.

Lady Friends

Sometimes art is a distraction from events (past and future) that I don't care to look at. I'd rather shoot the breeze with friends than deal with issues right now. I'd rather drink coffee and laugh at old movies that won nominations for worst film ever. I'd rather colour or splash paint from half empty cans and be thankful for such distractions because they allow me to catch my breath so I can keep moving forward. I'd rather hang with friends than anything else right now.

Title: Lady Friends
Art by: F. Magdalene
June 14th, 2007 3:06AM EST

2 thoughts on “Lady Friends

  1. Hi...I arrived here at your blog via your comment on mine...thanks.
    You do very interesting work and I do like your use of color and composition. This one is especially nice in its gentle color and has beautiful harmony. Perfect title for it. nice work


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