Gait of Strength

Tattered, bruised, torn or weary
I will still look towards the sun.
Day break, dawn or sunset
Full moon or half moon rising
Slow motion or full speed ahead
Without hesitation each step, one in front of the other
Towards hope
Towards hope with my gait of strength.

Agitation grows to weariness and weakened knees as I am over taken by your exaggerated body force as it goes to extremes with
Violent measures no man can accurately calculate.
But I emerge once more from my fog filled past with
Eyes that see every movement in hopes to never miss a thing.
Cheeks high with expectation
Tongue ready to taste the brilliance of today
Head up, back straight
One foot in front of the other without hesitation I walk
Towards hope I walk with my gait of strength.

Gait of Strength

Poem and art titled: Gait of Strength
Poem by: Milwaukee (age 12) of Morton’s Pride ( June 6, 2007)
Art by: F. Magdalene (June 20th, 2007)

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