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Wedding Day and Stone Princess

This piece, with it's aged look mixes gold plating, bursts of rust, burnt orange and fading yellows to create the most sacred union in the world, marriage.

Wedding Day

detailed view

Wedding Day was extraordinarily fun to paint for art therapy. As I painted details I was able to block out everything around me, forget the world for just a second and create. I suppose the idea of art therapy is to express your issues through art but it can also be used as a positive coping skill and outlet.

Thanks to the uploading process the painting shown above appears too saturated. The original is not this saturated. What I like most about this piece is the texture which you can see by clicking the link called "detailed view". I'm all about texture when painting. I like the smooth look but when I paint I want the viewer to reach out and touch the painting fully expecting to feel the life on it. I want them to touch orange and feel it burn. I want the viewer to experience my art so when it comes to my paintings texture is a must.

Like most of my work, the piece above started out as something totally different. So how did Wedding Day begin? Like this ---->

Stone Princess It wasn't much of a stretch to go from a few rays to many then add different colours. It may not have been much of a stretch but it was quite a task. What I like about Stone Princess is the detail on the image that appears to be solid black. She has stone markings. If you click the detailed view you can see them.

As in Wedding Day the other people in the painting celebrate the woman before them. The significance of a dark image is one of misguided trust. That isn't the most positive thing in the world, to paint people putting their trust in fruitless causes but it does depict truth.

The people in the above painting are smoothed over and share colour. They are different shades but they originate from the same hue showing just how easy it is to blend in OR to make so little self improvement that its hard to tell yourself from others. Again, it's not positive but it is art. So there you have it, Wedding Day and Stone Princess.

Title 1: Wedding Day
Title 2: Stone Princess
Art by: F. Magdalene

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