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She’s Green

She's Green V2

Until I find a better title for this painting I'll have to call her "She's Green." I painted A Boy's Mask and was kinda happy with it but I wanted to fool around and do something a little X-Men with it. The truth is, I watched the DVD X-Men and fell in love with the girl that kept morphing into whatever shape she wanted. When she was finished with the shape she went back to her scaly, fish-like self. I thought she was pretty cool. She and Wolverine are the main reasons I watch that movie all the time. There's also a hint of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. There's a part in the movie where the ladies paint their faces white but there's a distinct mark where there is no paint yet. When I watch that movie I'm captivated by that. It's a great movie, the visuals, the dancing, the story itself is a great o

ne. I don't mean to minimize any of that. It's just I like that diamond shape on the back. So, here's my piece that started off as a boy wearing a mask and ended being touched by Hollywood to become a green girl.

She's Green

Title1 : She's Green V2
Title2 : She's Green V1
Art by: F. Magdalene

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