Shape Shifter

ShapeShifter (Werecat)

Shape shifter is an exceptionally earthy digital painting full of detail, texture and movement. If you look closely you can see what could be wood grain, a finger print or the veins of weathered paper running through the background image. This texture sits behind steel blue and sea green stained glass which also doubles as hair then swirls around in dark crimson as a necklace to the shape shifter.
Detail 1
detail 1

Detail 2
detail 2

Detail 3
detail 3

Title: Shape Shifter
Primary Colors: Yellow gold, pumpkin orange, auburn, raw umber,
Accents: Deep chocolate skin tone, dark crimson, steel blue, Jade and sea green,
Primary subject: African, cat, woman, eyes, shape shifter, werecat,
Secondary subject: Earthy, texture, masks, gold,
Art by: F. Magdalene
Magdalene’s Masked Collection

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