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Forever Spring In Threes

Forever SpringSay I don't really want Fall to come and whisk spring and summer away? Say I want to hold onto spring and summer flowers and colors as long as possible? What if I simply decide that nope, as of today I have control over the turning of seasons and I say they stop here and now, right now. I'm going to miss spring. I'll miss opening up the curtains to see my grass growing wild with weeds that should have been cut weeks ago. I'll miss long nights on the porch with a fly swatter and a cool drink. It'll come again next year, spring and summer always come as planned. I'm just not so eager this year to let them go. So, in honor of sunny days and long nights on the porch with an out dated tiki torch here are three renditions of spring flowers. I couldn't name them Forever Summer, that wouldn't sound right so here I introduce to you Forever Spring In Threes.

Forever Spring 2

Forever Spring 2

Forever Spring 3

Forever Spring 3

I know what you're thinking, that's the same flower. You're right, it is, or rather it was. I rearranged the leaves, changed the peddles and the background for a different look and feel. What I like about Forever Spring 3 is the antique look it has to it. I like the weathered white with a bit of brown and country blue peaking through the white around the border of the painting. It gives it a very warm feeling and a totally different appeal than version 1 and 2.

Well, I can't make spring and summer stay but I can paint its memories as often as I like and I intend to do just that.

Title: Forever Spring In Threes
Primary Colors: Yellow gold, rose, plum, fusicia pink, weathered white, floral green,
Accents: Country blue, coral,
Primary subject: Flowers, spring, leaves,
Secondary subject: Nature, country, home, garden,
Art by: F. Magdalene

Published on Categories Art, Digital Art, Flowers

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