Mixed Fruit

Rich, deep and earthy fall colours like cinnamon brown, pomegranate red and hunter green come together to form Mixed fruit by F. Magdalene.
Mixed Fruit

detail 1- Contrasting beside cinnamon brown is pumpkin orange fading in and out of banana yellow.

Mixed Fruit detail 1

detail 2

Mixed Fruit detail 2

Apples, bananas and big green leaves aren't the main focus of this painting. The motion and paint strokes made this piece quiet enjoyable to create. I usually don't paint still life like this but we have to step outside our comfort zone from time to time. I'm happy I did. Who knew I'd get a bunch of fruit on this painting adventure?

Title: Mixed Fruit
Primary Colors: Banana Yellow , pomegranate red, burnt orange, hunter green, kiwi green, floral greens,
Accents: Cinnamon brown, cream, crimson red,
Primary subject: Fruit, apples, bananas, leaves, still life,
Secondary subject: Fall, seasonal, texture, movement, country, home, garden,
Art by: F. Magdalene

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