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Shape Shifter 2

Shape Shifter Shape Shifter Mounted Details

I started pasting bits and pieces of old paintings together, textures and colours that otherwise wouldn't go together. It was an experiment that I can't say I'm disappointed in. The whole idea behind Shape Shifter is that the feline woman alters her appearance not with high fashion clothes and jewels but with any and everything made available to her. The Shape Shifter forms an outward identity with torn scraps, metal, bronze and gold. She covers herself in paper, wood, sticks, leaves and every discarded material. The Shape Shifter puts them together and presents herself to you finding no shame in it such coverings. After all, these are just pretty things to look at, things that rust and fly away when the wind blows just right. Outwardly she changes but her real identity remains rock solid. Without unshakable inner strength she has no purpose, ambition or vision. The outside changes, the inner self does not- Shape Shifter.

detail 1Detail 1 detail 2 Detail 2

I used Picture It Publish It and combined the watercolor and mural filter to the finished image. This is not an altered photograph.

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