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Raindrops....detailed view

This started out as a pencil drawing which lead to a few attempts at enhancing it. The body is done the same as the others. She's pieced together as if she were a quilt or patchwork people as I like to call them. She's sewn together and even missing in some places but she does not fret. She still stops to smell the flowers. Note: The piece on her arm that was missing has been corrected.

I do believe this is the version I'm happy with. Sometimes a painting just doesn't feel finished so I keep messing around with it until I get that "ah, there it is" feeling. I felt it so here she is, "Raindrops."

You can also view Raindrops at Redbubble and on Etsy. Both links are provided on my sidebar along with contact information.

Thanks for looking,
F. Magdalene

3 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. MeMe

    I just love it!!! The colors are just so beautiful and refreshing. I smell gum drops of orange, melons and raspberry with some blueberries too. I like how you expressed her motion or her intent to smell or pick those flowers. This is very pleasant and reminds me of a wonderful place to be and those yellow boots... geesh... way cool. The way her umbrella is painted, it mimics the color of that waterfall style rainbow in the background. I really like it!!! Plus that hat she is wearing is an emerald, silky, yet wet, gorgeous!!! You are good.

  2. Bassagirl

    I love that it seems like an effort that she is bending to pick up flowers. The rainbow behind her adds to the hopefulness in this piece.


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