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She Has Arrived

Ella ha llegadoThe painting called "She has arrived" is one where I'm trying out new filter combinations on my art program. After the painting was completed I added three filters, mural, fresco then paint dry brush. I then did the face the patterned paper filter because the other three were too much. She looked like she had leprosy so I needed to change that. (Right click the images to make them larger. When they open in a different window click the image again to make it even larger. All but the first and very last will get even larger when clicked again.)

"She has arrived" shows an angel like figure in front of a strong textured and high colour background.

.Left face. right side.face wing right side

Click here for texture and here for a closer look at her shirt.

Don't be surprised if more filter combos show up.

F. Magdalene

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.

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