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Red Flowers – Red Apron

Red Flowers - Red Apron

Red flowers - Red apron.

I took inspiration from two different paintings to come up with Red Flowers - Red Apron. The background is from In The Field . I took a few blades of grass from The Path of Least Resistance. Add a blue-gray rock, a female figure and flowers then changed colours and you have Red Flowers - Red Apron.

I've been trying out new filters so even though it was inspired by the above paintings it looks different. I used milder colours than usual and the mood is a little different than many of my paintings. I think I might be ending the phase where the viewer can see the colour three blocks before they actually get up on the painting 🙂 I went through a flower phase, a faces phase and a high colour phase. I'm not quite sure what to call this next chapter.

F. Magdalene

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