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She Has Arrived – She Has Changed

Sky Blue Dreamer

It has become pretty standard that there will be at least three versions of each painting. I can't think of a piece on Sundrip that hasn't been revised in some manner. I see the image and think, if I added colour here, changed the texture there and so on I could get an entirely different effect.

The original version is called Sky Blue Dreamer and she's part of the Faceless Beauty Collection and is categorized under "faces". The original is as high textured as Version 2 (Ella ha llegado) and Version 3 (She Has Arrived) where I changed colours, added wings, changed the breadth of her shoulders and the shape of her face.

Ella ha llegado (V2)She Has Arrived (Browns) V3

V2 and V3 have experimental filters. V2 is a combo of mural, fresco and the paint dry brush filter. V3 is chalk opaque over paint dry brush. From V2 to V3 you'll see different colours in the wings, a difference in skin tone, a golden ray necklace and a hint of green in the background. V3 also has a very light halo behind her head.

One thing leads to another and versions happen. I've come to enjoy this evolution.

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