Purity Version Two

Purity V2This painting has given me the blues. The original version of Purity was painted with very saturated earth tones such as burnt orange, amber, chocolate and tan. The flowers are pink and shades of yellow on version one. When viewing it I just wasn't satisfied. It printed off quite well but it didn't grab me so back to the drawing board I went.

Here I've added several new colours, brightened her skin up a bit, added auburn hair and changed the background from tan to shades of blue. We still have the nude figure with one arm to her side and one arm behind her back and we still have the Faceless Beauty concept. Although I like this version better than Version One this may not be the last we see of Purity. For now she is on Redbubble and can be printed as a greeting card, a poster, a framed print and several other affordable options. Please visit the bubble by clicking the red square on my sidebar.

body purple flower

This is the original version of Purity which can be found in the Faceless Beauty Gallery.


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