3 thoughts on “Dragonfly

  1. Mary Testa-Smith

    I would love to use your dragonfly lady as my profile pic, the one with the sun in the background and the pink/red wings. Is this permissible? Do you charge for this? If so, how much please?

  2. F.Magdalene

    Post author

    Hi Mary Testa-Smith
    You requested permission to use one of the images of the Dragonfly lady as a profile photo. Thank you very much for first requesting permission. Please let me know which of the ladies you'd like to use.

    You asked about a fee. There is one and it is rather small for this particular use. The reason there is a fee is because art is my livelihood, my job. No one gathers materials to build a house, takes time to construct it then allows whomever to use that house at will. How would the builder support himself and those who depend on him? No, he'd charge for his hard work and he'd be grateful to those who view it as worthy in exchange for monies they received for their hard work.

    Please look in your inbox for an email from Sundrip.
    Smiles to you and yours,


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