Oops Print of Father and Child


Father and Child was printed the other day and had a slight error in editing. The colours are as vibrant as ever but there is no small white boarder and a tiny bit of the top of the painting isn't showing. This Oops print is displayed at a discount on Etsy.com but you do not have to have an Etsy account to take advantage of this sale.

Father and Child Oops Print
close up Child close up Father close up
This is a 9x6 print of a father and child napping together. It has a very ethnic feel to it. I printed it off as a 9 x 6 print but lost the little white border around it as well as a small part of the turquoise shell bedding at the very top of the painting. The very last image in this set will show the small editing error which categorizes this print as an oops.

Other than the small editing error Father and Child Oops is a vibrant print on acid free, soft gloss acrylic paper.

Your print will arrive with the same care as all other prints from Sundrip. It has the same high quality original HP inks and it will come signed and dated but not numbered.

The normal asking price for a 9 x 6 of Father and Child is $14.00. The Oops asking price is $9.00 with free shipping to the United States. Please contact me either through Etsy or the contact info on the sidebar.


F. Magdalene

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