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Eyes Like A River

Eyes Like A River

This is my very first completed oil painting.

A few weeks ago at my favorite hobby and crafts shop I stumbled upon discounted oils. I'd never used oils. I assumed they were hyped up acrylics offering no difference. Boy was I wrong. I was hooked with the very first stroke.

One of the details you can't see is gold accents above the eyes and on her lips. However, the photo does show the dust on my shelf. Go figure.

Photobucket . Photobucket

This is painted on a 9 x 11 birchwood board 1/4th inch thickness. It is currently unsealed because I don't know how or even if I should. The paint is dry but I hear you're supposed to seal the paint. If anyone has suggestions on what product to use I'd be open to hearing it.

For purchase inquiry please contact me via the address on my sidebar or see my Etsy shop. Thank you.

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