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Little Flower Girl


Little Flower Girl - a freckled young girl sits in her flower garden.

PhotobucketA common theme in my paintings is to combine a woman or child with a flower. Little Flower Girl is no different. Her hair is made of leaves and flower petals.

Here you can see the textured background and a close up view of her eyes. I haven't decided if I want to add color to her eyes and reduce the amount of color on her lips. One thing I noticed about viewing her smaller on the computer is that she looks cockeyed. Hopefully on the image above you'll be able to see she isn't. As far as color in her eyes goes I think I'll leave them alone for now.

F. Magdalene

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About Faith

SUNDRIP – Art for Life is a site that expresses in every media possible an intimate look into the life of a person living with major trauma. The issues addressed in art and writing include Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Lupus and CRSD. Despite these issues, I intend to move forward, through and out with honor, grace and creativity.

1 thought on “Little Flower Girl

  1. F.Magdalene

    Thank you. 🙂

    After I printed her off I liked her even more. I've also been doing some hand embellishments which I think turned out pretty well.


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