Charlene Dolls

Charlene Doll

Who is Charlene? Charlene is a little girl in Oregon who is very special to me. She's so special that I believe she deserves a line of dolls dedicated to her.

The very first doll in this line is an African-American rag doll who stands 28 inches. She's wearing a cream colored cotton dress with a pink ribbon and pink rose. She has matching bloomers, white socks and black patented "leather" shoes. You will also notice she's got little sunflower earrings.

This rag doll was hand sewn which gives her character. Paying close attention to details I added to her hand painted face large eye lashes and soft lips. Her hair is black yarn which is piled high in a pony tail but can be taken down. Both roses are pinned on and can be changed.

Charlene is a sturdy sophisticated African-American rag doll with double stitches around critical areas. She'll last a very long time.

Doll Details:
African-American Rag Doll
Size - 28 inches long
Insides - poly fibers
Fabrics - cotton, cotton blend
Pewter sunflower earrings
Non-toxic fabric paint
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I accept private requests from individuals for therapy dolls, inner child dolls, child therapy dolls, dolls for adults in psychotherapy as well as play dolls and bears. Please use my sidebar contact address for your special order.

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  1. lorraine


    i am still trying to find out how much it costs to buy a therapy doll. I want something very simple, that weighs and feels like a baby.

    how much?


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.