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Where Do I Go With This?

These two paintings are based on an original sketch is called "I Can Forgive You". After several digital alterations that title no longer fits. I'm just calling it Blue Flower for now because the lady is holding a blue flower. You may also notice in the original sketch there's a figure supporting the larger body who is holding two heads. When I did the digital alteration I chose to leave the two smaller heads, one lighter and one darker. Sunflowers represent multiple lives within one head. They swirl and bump into one another, tangling, twisting, forever moving but they cannot disturb her as she seeks to find her center.

Here are two different versions of an original sketch called 'I Can Forgive You."

I have no idea if I'll continue to work on this digitally or not, thus the entry title, "Where Do I Go With This?"

Art by. F. Magdalene

1 thought on “Where Do I Go With This?

  1. F.Magdalene

    Thank you Michelle.
    I decided to leave it alone. I kinda like it too. Now for a title. I have it listed as Blue Flower but that's no good. I've got to think of something.

    Thanks again,


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