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Challenge Me

Since September of 2008 I've been trying my best to make handmade dolls. After I realized I can I wanted to see if I could sew something else. It surprises me when I accomplish something new. Perhaps a self esteem check is n order or maybe the check is when I'm finished and look at the product and think, "This is cute. I like this."  I suppose the nature of a challenge, can I do this or can't I? I think I'm driven to find out if I can which has lead me down many, many roads. Some I wish I hadn't traveled down but others I'm happy I did.

A long time ago I tried experimenting with textures on canvas. I used saw dust for the texture mixed with acrylic paints. Can you say failed with a capital F? It was horrible. The finished product is hidden away but I'll admit the process was fun. I don't mind failing at things from time to time. Still, succeeding feels much better. Maybe the success story isn't' as funny as your roommate walking in to witness the floor covered in saw dust but still a success story is nice. Okay, moving on.......

This is one of the very first bears I've ever made. I believe this is the 2nd of four.

Sweet Dolly Sue Rag Doll 20 inches

You can see the teddy bear sitting on the lap of my newest doll called Sweet Dolly Sue. She is very different from the others not just in size but in nature. This 20 inch whimsical homemade doll is sporting what use to be a lamp shade but is now a hat. She doesn't mind though, just look at her heart shaped lips as they smile. The hat is removable for times she wants to show off her short curly black hair and bring more attention to her blue plaid overalls and little velvet navy blue shoes. What of her eyes? The look in her eye is innocent and playful. Wide eyed blues, I call them.

Sweet Dolly Sue Rag Doll 20 inches

Both the doll and the bear are available in my Etsy shop and are sold separately.

Thank you for looking
Please remember to challenge yourself

F. Magdalene

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  1. abby

    it's a nice looking doll. she does look sweet ;>))thanks for the challenge to challenge myself!it's fun to do new things, it just tak get takes me a while to get around to doing it, like blogging. i got really bored in december so i resumed blogging with much more zest ha ha


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