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Commentary: Growing Into Scars

Growing Into Scars V2

This is a follow up to the painting called PTSD.

This one illustrates how it is possible to move beyond the worst of the past. It is possible to have the flames behind you and to look to the future with hope and certainty. Every scar may not pass but once we learn to heal what we can and manage what we can’t true growth and true freedom will begin.
Life can be beautiful. Life will be beautiful.

Color significance:
Green, for me, symbolizes growth as well as youth, it’s movement, it’s futuristic.

Why use green for flowing hair? It has always been said that a woman’s pride and glory is her hair. The best way I feel I can symbolize a willingness to grow and build up personal self worth is to make the hair green.

Significance of scars:
Many assume others can see their every flaw as if it were a scar right across their face.

I assume everyone can see my internal wounds the same as if scars covered my face.

In Version One, shown below, the woman is a little more relaxed. The scars on her face are leaves, droplets and flowers. If you look closely you can see a flower across her lips with a drop of dew which leads to a small heart on her neck.

Growing Into Scars

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