Simple Miss Rose

She's a simple lady who understands the complex beauty around her.

Painting details: A faceless young woman lounges in the sand where a single rose has blossomed. She's wearing a basic high neck brown long sleeve sweater and an ankle length hunter green skirt. Her bare feat touch the sand as one hand reaches for the single rose. There's a tad bit of blue at the top of the painting and a small green ribbon in her hair. When viewed larger you can see a very light pattern as if the painting was created directly on linen.

Title: Simple Miss Rose
Art by F. Magdalene Austin

One thought on “Simple Miss Rose

  1. F.Magdalene

    Post author

    I happen to believe that all sunflower art is created for me. I think you should be able to believe all rose art has to do with you. Take the roses girl, take 'em but I lay claim on sunflowers.....and've gotta claim some other kind of candy cause peppermint is mine 🙂



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