Aromatherapy Bear and Travel Bear

And here they are, teddy bears waiting for a home. These little ones are made from cream coloured material about the weight of corduroy. They're hand stitched and filled with ployfiled with soft pink fabric paint on the ears. Both have pom-pom eyes and a small green checkered scarf. No glue was used during the creative process.

The first bear is a 10 inch aromatherapy bear which means his belly has small grain white rice and a small pouch with chamomile buds. The dried chamomile I use is high quality, rich in aroma and long lasting.  When not being snuggled the aromatherapy bears can rest in a soup mug (not included) or any area of your home.
The second bear is a small 8 inch carry along bear sure to be a good side kick at the doctor's office, the grocery store or anywhere you and your child travel. He's polyfill only, no rice or aroma added. He'll fit in your bag just fine or in a cup as shown. With a little green checkered scarf this little buddy is always ready to go.

Safety Note: If the bear is for a child please remove the button(s) from the scarf. Both bears are microwave safe but please check the warmth before the bear is placed against or near skin.

Prices and Purchase Location: Each bear sells individually. You can purchase the bears from this site with a PayPal account or via my Etsy shop. My contact information and Etsy store link are on my sidebar.

** SOLD ** 10 inch Aromatherapy Bear: $12.00 with $3.00 shipping to the United States.

** SOLD ** 8 inch Travel Bear: $7.00 with $3.00 shipping to the United States.

If purchased together shipping can be combined to $4.00 to the United States. Please contact me for international shipping. My contact information is on my sidebar.

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