Honey Bear In Green

This is a honey bear wearing a checkered green dress with matching hair bows. She has two hair bows that can be arranged to meet her changing fashion needs.

At 18 inches tall this fleece, rice and polyfilled ornamental teddy bear is sweetness wrapped in a hand sewn dress with two matching hair bows. She has pom-pom eyes and a safety nose with thread stitched lips. Her little checkered dress has a small band of solid white lace at the top.

** SOLD **


Honey Bear's small asking price is $7.00 with $3.00 for shipping and handling to the United States. She's available via PayPal or my Etsy shop. Please see the sidebar for my Etsy link.

In one photo she's with friends but Honey Bear is sold separately. Please contact me with any questions.

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.