Weep For Me

Last Tuesday on my way to an appointment my cad driver and I passed a terrible car accident. A man, skinny as a rail pulled a grown woman from her wrecked truck and carried her to the sidewalk as if she were a rag doll. What impressed me was how gently he placed her in the grass. What broke my heart was that he then lay over her chest and wept.

weep-for-me-original-sketch. Weep For Me

The young girl in the style of Simple Miss Rose was digitally coloured.  The only part not in the original drawing are the flowers at her feet.

Weep For Me - a simple drawing for a very moving situation.

Art by:  F. Magdalene Austin

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  1. F.Magdalene

    Post author

    It was an intense situation to run into. I figure the young lady made it because the news didn't report her death. Our news reports every accident and they never said she died so I figure she made it. That's good to know.

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