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Handmade Doll Tutorial

Joy the Sunflower Girl

Joy the Sunflower Girl is different from the dolls I'm use to making. I wanted to try something a tad bit different. Instead of a doll with a more formal look I added an extra  large smile and a different type hands and legs.

When I first started making dolls I had such a difficult time getting the head to stand up. It was floppy and all over the place.  Since I'm not good with tutorials or patterns I had to figure out on my own how to do this.  Below is a short, rough tutorial to assist with your handmade rag doll's head so it doesn't flop around.

1. Make the neck of the doll about 3 inches longer than your pattern suggests then stuff the neck extra full. (If your pattern shows allowance for a 2 inch neck then make it about 5 inches long. )

2. Stuff the dolls body but leave the top open.  By adjusting the stuffing you can now make a nest  or well to rest the extra length of the neck in.

3. Move the stuffing back around the extra part of the neck, adjust as necessary.

4. In order to keep a rounded look to the neck I sewed the front part of the body to the front part of the neck and the back part of the body to the back part of the neck. In other words, I didn't sew it flat or straight across.

Once I was able to make a nesting support for the neck I was able to get the head to stand up on it's own. If these steps are any help or should explain something further please let me know.

Joy the Sunflower Child and Bear
Joy the Sunflower Girl and Bear

(not for sale)

This little handmade African-American rag doll with a great big smile sits on the lap of a huge teddy bear. She's got a sunflower dress, striped green tights and red ribbons in her hair. Joy is about 12 inches tall and is lightly stuffed.

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