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Sage in Lavender

SageMy little mousy bear got a little sister the other day. She's an 8 inch handmade, hand stitched sage coloured teddy bear with a lavender flower hat and a brown nose. She's stuffed with super soft polyfill, rice and a small lavender aromatherapy pouch.

Since Mouse wasn't expecting a little sister he now demands she get her own soup mug to sleep in. He refuses to share his mug. I never expected this behavior from Mouse. Hopefully they'll begin to play together soon and all the bickering will stop. Since her birth wasn't planned we need to find her a little cup.

Little sister Sage is made from a recycled micro-fiber chair cover. Her hat is felt with deep lavender roses on top. Her nose is a brown felt triangle and her eyes are child safe teddy bear eyes. Whodathunk she'd come potty trained and sleep through the night? I'm one lucky mom.

When not enjoying her favorite treat of cookies and milk she enjoys playing with wooden blocks and picking wild flower. From time to time she can be caught playing a game of 'I'm not touching you' with big brother Mousy.

Mousy and sister are not up for adoption but soon other Sage siblings will be. They will be announced and appear in my Etsy shop. Please check my sidebar for the link as well as my contact information.

Sage and big brother Mouse

Both Mousey bear and Sage are from the Charlene's Friends which is a division of the Charlene Dolls Collection.

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