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Hummingbird Homecoming

Hummingbird Homecoming by F. Magdalene AustinPencil, ink and marker on paper scratching back and forth in a cacophony of sound and color finally comes to rest to be called Hummingbird Homecoming.

The sound alone was a beautiful thing. Sometimes when I paint the end results may not be anything like my usual work and it may not be a great piece of art but the experience is simply priceless. The best way to describe this piece is mixed media with scribble madness. I cut lose on this painting and it felt WONDERFUL.

I started out with a drawing I did digitally then I printed it on textured paper and added colored pencil, ink and marker. After that I put it back on the computer and enhanced colors here and there. I put a soft filter over it to give the painting a more fluid look and clicked save.

I'm not certain if I'm done with the paper version. I would like to see it brighter. I may leave well enough alone and simply reprint the black and white piece and color it brighter. That's the good thing about digital art, you get lots and lots of do overs.

Hummingbird Homecoming

I have one painting I'm working on in oils. I do a little work on the painting and when I get an idea I think might work well for the piece before I make a drastic move I photograph the painting then put it on the PC. I do a digital example of my idea and plan my next move from there. In this way I have a digital scratchpad that allows me to explore without harming the original piece. Gotta love modern technology and art.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science." - Albert Einstein

Title: Hummingbird Homecoming
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin

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