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Waiting for My Father

Waiting for my Father

Waiting for My Father is an inspired piece based on a recent experience with a young lady whose father treats her like a princess.

Waiting 2

I was going for a soft, gentle moment, a transfiguration of mind and body. I wanted swirls of light and soft colors to grow into stronger ones that form her and give her wholeness.

Waiting 1

This is why her body isn't in a solid state until you get to her torso.  She's morphing and growing as she waits for her Father patiently.

Waiting for My Father is along the same lines as the painting called Sanctuary. Both are available on Redbubble in various print formats. Please see my sidebar for the Redbubble link.

(Framed example from Imagekind)

Waiting for My Father framed by Imagekind

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Title: Waiting for My Father
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin

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