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An Experiment With Crayola Markers

I had no idea I could use a basic crayola marker this way. All I did was draw a little of the picture then brush over it with a wet brush. Some of them I really liked but others I wish I'd done a few things differently.

sunflower. The Angel With Me .

flower power. landscape .

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An Experiment With Crayola Markers - September 29th, 2009 7:50AM EST

7 thoughts on “An Experiment With Crayola Markers

  1. F.Magdalene

    I always said I don't do well with color. I'm intimidated by it, not sure where to place it or what colors to use so I just wing it.

    I really like doing these and experimenting 🙂 The landscape is one of my favorites too.

    1. F.Magdalene

      They were a total blast to do too 🙂

      My next experimental post may cause a few statements like, "Only Faith would think of that." LOL


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