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Recovery and sleep

Still sleeping and recovering. Tuesday morning I went for treatment but here we are Thursday evening and I'm still exhausted. My pain levels are back to 7-8. My appetite is still gone.

Clyde has been beside me the last few days which has been helpful. Despite sleeping so much, I get up by alarm 4x a day to take him outside. Today we played ball briefly. I decided I need to get try and do something to get my energy back, I had a friend tell me about modafinil that helps boost your energy. I went to and bought some. But until I get it in the mail, I'd describe my mood as baseline. No suicidal issues and no self harm. Anxiety is high and being managed. I'm still on reprieve from perimenopause symptoms. I'm typing in bed but I'll soon return to the laptop.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.

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