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SUNDRIP – Art for Life is a site that expresses in every media possible an intimate look into the life of a person living with major trauma. The issues addressed in art and writing include Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Lupus and CRSD. Despite these issues, I intend to move forward, through and out with honor, grace and creativity.

Now I think I'm done and not just because I used the last of the polymer clay either. I think I may have gotten all this out of me. The inspiration to press clay and paint it, it's all gone now. Here is Harvest No3 shown beside a blue and green vase as well as beside the log candle holder which started the whole creative process in the first place.

This particular piece has one single ready for harvest wheat stalk which springs from the setting sun.

. ..

I never know where inspiration will come from or where it's going to take me but I always enjoy the journey.


This and one other ornament can be seen in my Etsy shop. Please see my sidebar for the Etsy link. Thanks.



Question: If a neighbor cuts down his tree, will the artist in you hear it?
Answer: Yes, and she will make candle holders.

Not only will the artist make log candle holders she'll grab polymer clay, hand shape a leaf and create a harvest themed ornament to lean against the holder.

I placed the holder on top of a square marble sheet which sits on my fish aquarium. Even though there are three holes drilled in the log I only added one golden-brown votive holder to it. I think I like the single candle best. I then added two tall candles with pond stones then placed Philodendron vines around it all. It's not only pretty,  its relaxing.

...continue reading "A Little Bit Crafty, A Little Bit Zen"

I've been at it again. Yesterday the need to create something 3D came over me so I grabbed my clay and paints and went to town. This is what I came up with, two Giving Trees. ...continue reading "Giving Tree Ornaments"

Spring of Youth was created on watercolor paper with ink, crayola crayons and crayola markers. In addition to the stated media there are small details completed in pigmented glue.

The painting shows a little girl with big blue river like eyes walking through a field/forest while carrying and infant. There are two huge full sunflowers, small vines and small daisy flowers around her. She has a tree growing from her black hair and her arms are made of wood, her clothes made of sack cloth.

Spring of Youth is available in my Etsy shop. Please see my sidebar for the link.

Thank you visiting Sundrip - Art for Life


Rainbows and Daydreams is a painting from my sketchbook that shows a little black girl dreaming amongst the flowers.

Media: Crayola crayons, Crayola markers on 6x9 sketchbook paper. Minor digital corrections.
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin



A little birdie came to tell but I already knew.

"She sings my tune, she knows all the words" is black folk art depicting a young black girl with a white bird on her shoulder sharing secrets. This original mixed media painting was created on 6x9 paper in oils, watercolor and ink. What I like about this painting is the small treble clefs in pink on the sheet music fence and the rainbow colors that wind behind it. She's got the sun beaming in yellow and orange behind her and a white flower beside her. This folk art piece is simple and pleasing with bright colors and traditional symbolism.

Please see my Etsy shop for purchase details. The link is on the sidebar.

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The mama snail I added to my aquarium recently had a few babies. I've watched these little tiny lives grow from the size of a pencil eraser to now the size of a dime. They're so, so sweet.  For those of you who are unaware Little Duck is my nickname, which means the little duck in the picture is me following them around watching them grow.

The original sketch is in my sketchbook and was done in ink and tea stains. The picture published has coloring corrections and a few tiny other details added.

Thanks for visiting Sundrip, it's much appreciated.


. .Focus and grow against all odds. These two pieces from my art therapy sketchbook shown two figures with a central eye directing them through life. Both have one large flower included in the painting and a very still background. "Version Two" shows much more activity with the sun on her shoulder and pools of water on her breasts. She, unlike "Version One" has a scar under breast and is holding a single red flower. She also has flowers above her head and blades of grass at her feet. I'd describe the two pieces as figurative and surreal.

."Snakes Scorpions and Mothers" is also an oil painting from my private art journal. It shows a mother holding her newborn as well as a snake around the mother's neck.  With an out stretched hand she holds a golden egg. You'll also see wheat, small and large flowers, a churning sky in the background and detailed home life in the wings of the mother.

"Mother of the World" also shows a mother holding her newborn. She's standing in a field of fantasy flowers, swirls and colors that run into one another. Some of the colors were made to drip, run and bleed into one another for a raw yet strikingly chaotic atmosphere. You will notice that in addition to holding the child up right she has balanced growth and life in the other. Included in this painting are black flowers and a red crown above the mother's head.

The art work above can be seen in my Etsy shop along side other original works of art. Please see my sidebar for the Etsy link.

Thank you for visiting Sundrip
F. Magdalene Austin

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