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Featured Art Gallery: Orange

I updated the Featured Art Gallery page. This month’s feature will have a color theme. Color is important in my therapy process. Since Sundrip is about the art and artist trying to thrive it only makes sense I’d have an Art Therapy Gallery and speak openly about the role art has in my healing.

She's Green - Redbubble

She’s Green – Redbubble

The last feature spoke of the color blue and it’s meaning. This feature will focus on the color orange.

Orange in art therapy or art created as therapy symbolizes fleeting courage, self doubt, ambiguity. What I mean is, I’m faced with conflicting emotions or I am going to take action but I’m not quite secure in my steps.

Orange is a color that slides back and forth between red and yellow. Red in my art therapy stands for empowerment and positive self esteem. The other side of that is yellow which is for shame and all acts of depravity. When those two collide there’s a struggle to stabilize and sort out how I see myself and my situation.

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Featured Art Gallery: Blue

The Brightest Star - Redbubble

The Brightest Star – Redbubble

I updated the Featured Art Gallery page. This month’s feature will have a color theme. Color is important in my therapy process. Since Sundrip is about the art and artist trying to thrive it only makes sense I’d have an Art Therapy Gallery and speak openly about the role art has in my healing. That’s scary though because I worry people will see the art has come from so deep that they won’t want to hang it on their walls. I’ve thrown around the idea of backing off explaining some of the art as I do but that’s not going to happen.

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Can I grow like this? Are my roots deep enough?

Subject: PTSD from chronic illness, suicide comments, shame, on the upturn, not feeling positive

P17fieldfma - on the easel I wonder if it’s possible for a patient to have PTSD after going through several physical pain experiences? This chronic illness torture makes me want to slice myself from navel to nose and and climb right out of your skin because my mind just can’t take another second of the current pain.

I fear it. I fear the next flare up. I want to say that while on the up turn from this flare that I’ll take advantage of each day I have where my pain is baseline, but I don’t feel all gung-ho, lets get back to life, jump in the deep end. I’m not going to jump up and down and proclaim, “I’m happy to be alive!” Excuse me if I don’t celebrate surviving that. I could use some nachos but I’ll skip the party. I do feel refreshed after such good sleep since Tuesday evening. I feel a lot better but………. sigh………..I’m shell shocked……and I’m angry.

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Encaustic Rise – A Heart of Fire

Encaustic Rise - Available

Earlier in the day I said, “I have no reason to be awake.” Let me correct that please, and introduce what was done with the anger instead of internalizing it.

A reason to be irritated was that, after turning my phone to do not disturb, I still got a call from Dr. Yes who wants me to come in. I can’t block his number or anyone close in my care team but I blocked most people. Sooo, tomorrow at 1 pm I need to go in. I’m like, what could he want? I though to myself, Faith, you can control the way this appointment goes by the way you speak and respond to him. You can go in there with an attitude or you can go in there with concern and desire to sit down and talk about things. I have that choice..After a short pep talk I painted. I was mad, good and mad. I don’t want to see him but I also didn’t want to lay in bed, facing the wall burning up inside.

The process - Sundrip StudioThis painting was calming for me. It’s also another painting done in one day. I love wax art.

In addition to this piece I was able to scan 19 art pieces that will soon be in the Etsy shop.

It’s funny because, when I was working I kept losing my pen. The first time I got irritated by it I was reminded of our desire to not badger ourselves. It’s a pen. I mean, look at my desk, that pen could be anywhere!!! I eventually found the pen then lost it again but I didn’t abuse myself, didn’t talk down to myself for losing that dang on pen, or the cat !!

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Art Tearing Out

The first time I remember nearly losing my mind over art was in the year 2000. I settled into a nice apartment with a woodland name and set up an area to paint. There was an image in my head that needed to be painted, but I wasn’t ready to let it go. I kept holding it in until I had what I needed to put it down in paint.

I’ve been going to the same Hobby lobby since 1999, here in Indy. They knew me as the artist who would pace the canvas isle searching for the right size. Sometimes I’d find it but it wasn’t time to put it on canvas so I’d wander over to the paint section and choose something just right.

The art felt like it was boiling inside me, just swirling and rolling around. It was bliss and burden put together. But that was the point, I didn’t want that art piece on canvas until it broke out of me.

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The Silent Loud One

Ariel Knew it Would Rain - SOLD

Ariel Knew it Would Rain – SOLD

I did not expect this painting to ever be chosen, to be taken home. I couldn’t believe when I got the email telling me of the sale for “Ariel Knew it Would Rain.”

She’s art that’s difficult to look at because, though she is silent, her face tells you everything. What use does one have for a few words when they are the picture worth a thousand? I’m amazed and touched that she was purchased, and humbled too.

Sometimes I am so raw with my art. It is clear I’m not a happy camper. It’s clear the painting came from pain. When I do that I worry about saying exactly what the painting was about but recently I’ve taken more risks and just saying, hey, this is what I was thinking, this is what I felt before, during and after. It’s a risk I’ll continue to take because with art my voice is most authentic.


Tell them what I see

From the painting " Smirk"The most important part of my paintings are the eyes. When doing figurative work, the first stroke is the left eye. I grow from there. Often I get stuck looking at them as I paint. I get lost in them as if I’m drawing what those eyes are seeing.

I’m going to take a look at the painting “Smirk” which strongly carries the Sundrip signature but with a bit more outward anger. When I look at the eyes they’re a bit frightening, but the Smirk - Availablelonger I study this piece the more I see double.

The eyes separate two dimensions, two realities. There’s one in front and one behind the eyes. What’s in front of his eyes is bold, full and fluid. What’s in his head is tighter at the top and almost a river at the bottom by the lips. I have yet to decide if the orange circle at the bottom is the sun setting on the old to bring in the new. I know one thing, I keep looking at the eyes, just as when I painted it.

A painting with a totally different feel was also started by drawing first the left eye and growing. Just below we see the eyes of a woman who appears tired. Her eyes are well defined. They aren’t surrounded by images on the face or going in different directions like in “Smirk”. I look at the eyes of “Seeking Annie” and see longing, even sadness.

What does she see in her mind?…. Whom does she seek?

From the painting "Seeking Annie"

Who is Annie? …..  Is she Annie?

Seeking Annie

Please visit the Featured Art Gallery to see what reflects from the eyes of Sundrip paintings. When you’re in the gallery, click an image to view first the name of the painting, then a little lower you’ll see all the information associated with the art. As always, I accept PayPal and offer these paintings in my Etsy shop. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP – Art for Life. I hope you come often.


Risk in Art. The Comfort Zone.

Fall Tree - available

Fall Tree – available

There’s an art piece I labored over posting but that piece got the strongest reaction and ‘sold’ very quickly. The reason sold is in quotes is explained in a separate entry.

When I looked at the piece I liked it, a lot. I like the texture in the turquoise, I like the way the colors at the bottom came together. I like that painting, but I didn’t think others would. I questioned my abilities because I was viewing other blogs and felt so inferior. I posted it though, and I was surprised by the response both public and through email.

I don’t know if I’ll be the type of artist that puts her work on the net with full confidence, but I will keep taking risks in my art, keep trying new things and keep to the styles and media that I am most comfortable with. I can risk and keep my comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with a comfort zone, it’s not a bad thing to be comfortable. Continue reading

The Courage to be Authentic

How cool. This just happened. A person who purchased art from me a few years ago contacted me to be part of a group of artists she knows. I love it when my art isn’t just a passing fancy. I want it to touch people. I want them to enjoy the art or be moved by it.

A person going through tough times purchased a piece because it gave her hope that she could pull through. That was amazing to me. Another lady purchased my absolute favorite piece I’ve ever done. She wanted a large print of it to put in her bedroom, her own private space.

It makes me smile and I want even more to keep slapping paint on canvas in the most authentic, heart felt way possible. The lady who asked me to join the group made my day. 🙂

I worry, ya know. Is my art too raw, too wild, too emotional? What if I scaled back on the surreal or tried to stick with one specific style? What if I tried to be more tame to appeal to a wider audience, maybe I’d get more sales? But I can’t fake this. It wouldn’t work. Art is the language where I am most honest, most vulnerable, truthful, uninhibited. Continue reading

On the Walls

A messy studio is art work on it’s own.

Messy studio FB group

I believe that and so does the Messy Art Studio group I joined on Facebook.

I’m working with a 9 x 10 space, which is half of my bedroom. I can’t complain about the size of my room! It works well for me. What’s not shown is the closet which holds a lot of my sewing materials. I’m in love with Dollar Tree. I got most of my bins from there. Continue reading