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Room Divider Art Display and My Own Infomercial

So you have a room divider meant for family photos but you’d rather do something artsy with it, try filling the spaces with original art. In my room divider I’ve added such original works as the encaustic mixed media painting called “Fall Tree“. Beautiful blues are displayed acrylic painting in “Abstract Waves“. I’ve also showcased original watercolor paintings such as”Rich” and “Hush Be Still“.

Living room 2017

Can you spot “Bruised Reed II” or the painting “She Flows”?

Room Divider Art Display

Room Divider Art Display

I’ve fallen in love with “Blue Wonder” and “Altered #7” so I framed them until they find a permanent place to live. Also on the wall is “Landfall II” , “Purple Tree” and my favorite painting of all time, “Little White Dress.” Little White Dress is digital art created forever ago with my computer mouse.

The below gallery shows a few paintings up close. In a different entry I’ll discuss and show better images of the painting “Nesting Place,” a beautiful orange, gold and turquoise painting of birds and flowers. You can spot it here on top of “Nesting Place II”  Continue reading

The Featured Art Gallery Has Been Updated

The second part of ‘Tell Them What I See’ has been updated in the Featured Art Gallery.

If spelling is a life test then I’m failing miserably and autocorrect is helping that failure at an alarming rate. I read over some of my entries and was like, what? I didn’t use that word, that’s a totally different word. Curses to you autocorrect! See in my eyes the anger, see me wave my fist in fury.


My Blue Wonder

Blue Wonder - Available

I’m loving every second of abstract art. This should be a fun year. My art goals for 2017 now show on my sidebar.

Blue is a color I use quite often in my art and more recently turquoise has made it’s permanent mark. I’ve seen it so much that I’m beginning to think about its use, what does it mean to me, what does it symbolize and will it, like other colors, keep its meaning over time?

My page called Art Therapy  talks about color choices and art symbols specific to me. Off the top of my head I would place turquoise next to blue and purple symbols. I see it as a color of strength, of depth, honor, birth rights.

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Can I grow like this? Are my roots deep enough?

Subject: PTSD from chronic illness, suicide comments, shame, on the upturn, not feeling positive

P17fieldfma - on the easel I wonder if it’s possible for a patient to have PTSD after going through several physical pain experiences? This chronic illness torture makes me want to slice myself from navel to nose and and climb right out of your skin because my mind just can’t take another second of the current pain.

I fear it. I fear the next flare up. I want to say that while on the up turn from this flare that I’ll take advantage of each day I have where my pain is baseline, but I don’t feel all gung-ho, lets get back to life, jump in the deep end. I’m not going to jump up and down and proclaim, “I’m happy to be alive!” Excuse me if I don’t celebrate surviving that. I could use some nachos but I’ll skip the party. I do feel refreshed after such good sleep since Tuesday evening. I feel a lot better but………. sigh………..I’m shell shocked……and I’m angry.

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The Silent Loud One

Ariel Knew it Would Rain - SOLD

Ariel Knew it Would Rain – SOLD

I did not expect this painting to ever be chosen, to be taken home. I couldn’t believe when I got the email telling me of the sale for “Ariel Knew it Would Rain.”

She’s art that’s difficult to look at because, though she is silent, her face tells you everything. What use does one have for a few words when they are the picture worth a thousand? I’m amazed and touched that she was purchased, and humbled too.

Sometimes I am so raw with my art. It is clear I’m not a happy camper. It’s clear the painting came from pain. When I do that I worry about saying exactly what the painting was about but recently I’ve taken more risks and just saying, hey, this is what I was thinking, this is what I felt before, during and after. It’s a risk I’ll continue to take because with art my voice is most authentic.


The Disconnect

Folly - Available . Smirk - available   .

.Young Joker - Available    .Holding Out for More - Available  .

Sometimes Dr. D looks at my work and says, “This is disturbing”.
So I say, “Thank you.”

I’m more intrigued than disturbed. I notice all the commotion in each piece. Even though people The eye from "Smirk"are crammed together they’re not connected, they’re having their own experience….and so it goes with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Each has his own view of what’s going on. Some are more in touch with ‘reality’ than others, but all feel disconnected, separate.

I feel like when I walk outside people can see I’m trying to keep myself in the here and now. I think they can see on my face that I’m fractured

At times it feels as though there’s a swoosh of air that passes over my head, forcing it to bow. I hold it in my hands and rock. The more i rock the further away I get from the here and now, but part of it feels good, to just hide my face and rock back and forth. I close my eyes, block everyone out and rock. I can’t stay that way too long…..


The disappearing act

I’m about to go AWOL. There’s so much that needs to be done before I start physical therapy AGAIN. I also have a minor surgery to deal with on the 4th with a follow up appointment on the 7th. There’s a lot to get done. I’m not up for it. lol.

I have three lectures to complete and I need to finish up a few odds and ends. There’s no new art ready to post but I do have a few art pieces on Redbubble that are now high resolution. These originals have been sold, but are still original pieces to choose from in the Etsy gallery. Click the links provided or check the sidebar for both links.

I will attempt to get around to visit blogs very soon, including new ones I’ve subscribed to. I have the email subscription updates so I’ll click on those and check on everyone.

A Fish Tale - Redbubble

A Fish Tale – Redbubble

Until soon,

The Dinosaur Opera

Pterosaurs: Dinosaur Opera - Available

Pterosaurs: Dinosaur Opera – Available

I must post and run. I can’t even tell you how sleepy I am. However, I would like to introduce to you a revamped art piece that is now to my satisfaction. I call it The Dinosaur Opera.

In this prehistoric opera house you will see birds of prey, silhouette figures and mad color. Don’t blink, you’ll miss something.

I have updated my Etsy shop to include “Dinosaur Opera”. Soon this original art and others will be available for larger prints on Redbubble.

Along the lines of “Dinosaur Opera” is a painting called “She Feels in Color”. Too, there is a bird of prey as a young woman with shining rays nests in color and movement.

She feels in color - available

She feels in color – available

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I keep looking at the color

Crystal - Let the Mountains Shake

Chrystal – Original available

I keep looking at the color in the new header on this blog and my Facebook page and I really like it.

The art I sell isn’t the type of art I have displayed in the rooms of my home. I don’t like bright art in my home. I like earth tones, abstract landscapes or abstract seascapes in earth tones. But I keep looking at the colors in the header and I think to myself, I should get a print of the top portion of this painting because I really like it.

I’m not over stimulated by the colors. Usually that’s the problem with me and color, I feel in color and often intensely. I want blues and burgundy, cream, chocolate, mauve, colors like that. But I keep looking at the top portion of the painting called Crystal – Let the Mountains Shake and I’m like, I’m gonna have to get a print of that. I’m also strongly considering using the part of this as my logo (branding) and for my business cards I’m going to get made. Hmmm. Interesting.

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My first and most intimate lessons in communication



This is a borrowed conversation.

I listened to the first 3 min of a video where a person was talking about how well they treated their significant other, but it wasn’t appreciated. I could only bear a few min of it. What got me the most was that she said, I’m not perfect but, you guys know me, ……..” I figure, if a person starts a conversation with, “I’m not perfect but…” then you can be pretty sure they’ve done something they need to apologize for. What she said in those few minutes got me thinking about the way I think and the way I communicate.

My first and most intimate lessons in communication had to do with figuring out what was expected of me from a woman who had a singular agenda that did not include me. My first and most intimate lessons in communication included weaving in and around insults or crafting my statements to avoid being accused of disobedience. My chief instructor, the person responsible for every aspect of my life, was crazy.

I walked thin lines and broke them repeatedly. I’d go over in my head how to do it better, say it better, how to keep from being a disappointment. I was one of those kids that tried all sorts of creative ways to be who she needed to be. I couldn’t figure it out because I was missing one piece of information; her agenda doesn’t include you.

It is clear to me that youth was nothing more than a performance lacking true emotion and conviction.

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