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I'm just thinking badly but I'm enjoying it way too much.

Thursday my landlord is going to show up. I don't want the cow here but I'm not able to get out of it. She's coming to fill a minor maintenance issue. Despite her telling me that changing my ceiling light bulbs isn't her job, she's till coming with the new maintenance man to replace the bulbs. She noted the bulbs were out way, way back in May of this year when she was busy trying to have me evicted. So, she's coming with the new guy so she can gossip to me about how she had to fire the old guy.

Doesn't she get tired of tearing down everything her hands touch?

I figured maybe a little passive aggression is in order for her visit. I should start out with very, very strong incense and a nice display of the little plastic skeletons that she finds unnerving. Of course I'm not going to do it but it was fun to think about. Anyway, once the skeletons were in clear view I'd go stereotype on her. She isn't fond of 'Mexicans' or 'Arabs', or common sense which means I'd have to play that Arab soundtrack that's in every US military movie while eating a burrito and drinking a bottle of Corona. Skip the Corona. I'm going ghetto. I'll have a 40 ounce of malt liqua', Colt 45. I have to represent the black stereotype. I'd have to go stereotype on her stupid self because being a stupid racist, she wouldn't recognize anything else. ...

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When I go on Craigslist and see a cat or dog sitting next to another animal, I wonder how the owner narrowed it down to him being the one who needs to find a new home. Do you flip a coin? Pull names out of a hat? What?

I use to wonder that but now I know.

There is a problem in the Pickle family. I have a dominant male who will not tolerate the other male in the tank. I love Big Steve but he's not docile enough to live with the other two. He has banished Guy Pickle to the corner and takes food right out of Guy's mouth. He'll wait for Guy to catch a cricket then wrestle the poor thing until he lets go of him. So, the decision has been made to rehome Steve "the Beast" Pickle. He is currently in the terrarium by himself with Guy and Flip in a separate terrarium. I don't like the idea of Steve living by himself.

Firebelly toads are beautiful animals that can live a good long life of up to 15 yrs in captivity. They do well in groups and don't take too much care. They're funny. I love their feet and their clumsy way of getting around. I love their eyes and their spots. They're too, too adorable. ...continue reading "Deciding which pet to rehome"


Tonight I got a text from a friend concerning her pet chicken. She made the chicken a new shirt. (cue crickets). Her pet chicken wears clothing? Oh my goodness girl, get a dog and let it go, okay? So anyway, she sent a photo and said, she fell asleep in my lap, isn't she cute?

How do you answer something like that? Isn't my sleeping pet chicken who is wearing a new shirt, cute? No, no it's not. As a matter of fact, the angle which she shot the photo was questionable. What's wrong with you? What type of extreme boredom do you have to experience to come up with tailor made shirts for your chicken?

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Argh! I searched high and low. I even wondered if I'd thrown it away. For hours I searched my apartment for my phone but couldn't find it. I even did a CSI move and sat in the chair and scanned the room from that level. Where could the phone hide?

The bed was searched. The floor around and under the bed was searched. The studio area was ruled out quickly. I went to the living room and moved the sofa pillows. I mean I looked high and low.

Earlier in the day I sent emails to a few friends to tell them to call me so I could find my phone. So here it is 7 am and I'm again looking behind a small dresser and pulling my mattress off the frame when I hear the jingle. I went into the living room but it stopped. I was like, call again, call again.

That stupid phone was sitting on the arm of the sofa by the door. It was just out of sight of the pillows I adjusted earlier in the evening. Argh!!!

I put my bed back together and then began typing this entry.

Dang it.

At least I have it back.... I also found a pen under there ...and dust that I'll leave as is. There was so much dust under there that it was no longer dust bunnies or dust hare, but gigantic kicking, boxing kangaroos. I played it safe and left the dust kangaroo alone.

I'm not the type that has her phone glued to her hip. I don't have my phone with me in every room or have it in sight of me. I'm not like that at all. When the phone was missing, I was okay for the first few hours, but as the night dragged on it worried me. I even tried to call myself over the internet but you have to accept a call or text to begin the process so that plan didn't work.

Now I need to go back and email 6 different people to tell them I found the phone. lol. OMG. I can't believe it was on the arm of the sofa the entire time. Really? How did I miss that? Argh!!!

Okay, time for some sleep.

Right there on the arm of the chair...that's so irritating. lol

I hope I'm safe with dust kangaroos under my bed. No wonder the cat never goes under there. Smart girl.


I went to bed but I didn't get to sleep until about 5 am. I sketched and painted the whole time.

While having the most beautifully brewed cup of tea you've ever tasted, my friends proclaimed the painting a total success. They said its the single greatest painting in the history of paintings.

I got up to take meds but didn't get up for good until 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon.  I needed that sleep. I said I needed one thing off my plate to feel like I can keep going. I was never specific about what I needed because I didn't know. I also haven't asked for a certain amount of time that it stay off my plate. Each day will have its own anxiety. I just need to make sure my plate isn't so full all the time that I can't bear the weight. I was able to rest which makes carrying today's plate a bit easier.

I checked the news. (shakes head) Honestly, when I saw the bit about Trump and family pardons, I laughed. Trump's intense, fiery hatred for all things right and moral may be the greatest cause of global warming. His nut job, narcissistic antics will, in the end, harm him and those who are around him. You are who your friends are. If you hang with good people you'll fare better.

I've got an easy dinner in the convection oven and a cup of Earl Grey and lavender waiting for me. My late evening will end with a nice bath and more sketching. For the sake of sanity, getting an update on world news has been cancelled.



I didn't think about much at all. I just did the things I love. It was a much needed day of solitude, a mini mental vacation.

She is a shining star, this furry one.

She melts my heart when she does the slow blink.

Mary Jane is an integral part of the process of slowing down to smell the flowers.

weeds? i'm good with that. I've been working on my terrariums, adding this, removing that as well as letting them be.

I was told these are weeds. I don't know. What I do know is there are plenty in the yard of an abandoned, boarded up house and that they have done well in various terrarium set ups. A month or so ago I walked 8 blocks round trip to get these bad boys!  ...continue reading "A day of solitude with the things I love"


I'm so mad I can't see straight! The changes that has taken place on Etsy have mad things very difficult.

One of the things I strongly believe is that customers understand the ins and outs of original art sales. There are always questions about why things have changed, why some items cost more than others and how prices are set. I want to be able to speak directly to customers so they understand not just the story behind the art but behind the scenes before it arrives on your door step. This is a world where information is gold. Open your pockets cause I'm about to fill it with info.

Shells - SOLDI made a sale today of some very pretty pink shells. I expected to go to my PayPal account and see the money but nope! The new forced way of Etsy Pay means I don't get the sale money of $14.00 until I make $25.

My item. My time. Their money.

So what do I do now? I've gone in and arranged things so that nothing falls under $25.00. That's not fair to customers at all. I hate that. I want to offer a variety of items. I was about to include antique buttons and clay pieces I made that would not have cost $25.00.

I'm so mad I could almost cry!!!! Literally real tears. You're kidding me??? You're telling me I work my butt off, advertise, get exposure, get a sale but I don't get the money?  Even selling another piece today to go from $14 to $25, I'd still not get paid until NEXT Monday! Really?

Y'all thought this was a reasonable? I don't think Etsy read the entry about my anger issues!!! Etsy is supposed to call me. .... (cue crickets). I know....I know.... this can't be a phone call like with my GP. The call from Etsy will be so zen. I will speak in a reasonable way. My words will be free of sarcasm as I speak to corrupt Etsy. OMG!!!!

Trees Lot Art Sale

I work so hard on that Etsy shop. I arrange and rearrange the items on a regular basis to give people a fresh view of the shop. I update policies and try to offer a variety of items with a range of prices. I want to do right by my customers. I want options, quality, fun. I want fine art, experimental art, vintage Indian scarves. Sundrip was going Artisan until Etsy gave me a wake up call. 

I've been selling art for more than 12 years but I just realized that I now work for Etsy. The fees for selling on Etsy are this: There's a fee to list, a fee for selling and a fee for the way the person pays. Yes, three sets of fees per sale item. If a person purchases 3 individual items from I pay 3 sets of fees per item. Do I have a choice? I do not. I am required to accept what they call "Etsy Pay." Now you know why prices an fluctuate. But I try to be reasonable. I don't want to pass these costs on to customers. I try my best to keep prices reasonable. You can read more about how I price my art here.

Lot of Three Surreal Art Therapy

Here is how I've changed some of the prices and listings. In some instances I've created lots. I've combined art pieces into two or three pieces for one price without jacking the price sky high. I considered this as a way of a clearance sale but Etsy has forced my hand.

Lot of 2 black and white line artAs far as butterflies and vintage wallpaper cut out that were to be offered on ETSY, I will need to offer them here on Sundrip via PayPal. It's cleaner, faster, easier. I prefer that with all my art, to just go through PayPal. I need to figure out how to sell solely from my website so that situations like this don't impede the transfer of art from my studio to your walls.

Butterflies cut from dried leaves - available only on SundripI need to work on selling primarily from Sundrip, I have somewhere to go today which means I can't think about Etsy right now. There will be an exercise in putting this situation away until I can manage it.

Despite my rant and the update on Etsy, you can be sure that you will always get more than you expected from Sundrip art.

Deep breathing and TRUST that I'll always have enough.


After writing the last two entries there's a memory that makes me smile.

At any given time at a family gathering at my grandparent's house, you could hear English, Spanish, French, German or Japanese. Japanese was in there because I was learning it in school but the others were regularly heard because they were attached to the other part of who we were as a family.

There is no Spanish blood in us but my grandfather loved Spain. He took his family there and to Mexico quite often which means the Spanish changed. When my mother was a child they spoke Spanish at home, not English or French. We have no Spanish ties, but there was such a love for the land and culture that it stuck with my orphaned grandfather.

French came with him to the United States in 1930 from what was then Zaire. My great-grandmother who died at 95 adds some German to the mix.

Interestingly enough, my father is of African-German decent. Lightening strikes twice. 🙂 When my paternal grandfather game here he shortened his last name and made it more American. That's the only known name change to become Americanized.

Language is beautiful, so is exploring land and cultures beyond your porch.


Sleep, sleep and more sleep with itching in between.

I have a pretty extensive reaction to the urushiol contact. Both hands, neck to the hair line and on top of one shoulder have all have a poison oak rash. I'm staying on top of it. I feel there's improvement. Of course this is a problem but I'm still not tripping out about it.

So, yesterday I took out the trash and passed "the tree", the tree where I found a tiny little snail. I had to pop over there and take a look. I now have 2 microscopic garden snails in the terrarium home. (insert happy dance)

Both snails are so, so tiny. I hope they'll live. They hurried away into the moss jungle when I put them in their new home. I do hope they get stronger. They've got names. They're Uru Oak and Shiol Oak.  🙂 I found the tiniest, itty bitty little acorns that I added before I found the snails. Their home is so cute and ready to hold them for a long time.

Oh yeah, my pill bug colony is doing wonderfully. The small cricket farm is doing well as is the worm compost pile.

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The highlight of my week has been to getting poison oak. I'm not upset about it, not really. I've got it on my neck and under my chin as well as on my right hand. I've been doing alcohol rinses and so it should calm down pretty soon. I was outside looking for a garden snail, but I can't find one anywhere. I want a garden snail as a pet for a terrarium I have all set up for it. I can't find a snail but I did find poison oak. oops.

I have one emergency dental appointment tomorrow to manage some of the issues that have come up. Tomorrow I won't see my regular dental surgeon but a different man and his nurses. I'm nervous about this because I won't know them. Having a familiar face in the room is helpful. At least with this appointment we fast track the dental saga as a whole. It's possible I'll only have two more appointments with my regular dentist after this.

My body is not managing the saga well at all. I'm very, very tired. The emotional stress of going in slashes at my ability to function during for days after the appointment.

...continue reading "Poison Oak and the Dental Saga"

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