Life is like a box of

Sleep, sleep and more sleep with itching in between.

I have a pretty extensive reaction to the urushiol contact. Both hands, neck to the hair line and on top of one shoulder have all have a poison oak rash. I'm staying on top of it. I feel there's improvement. Of course this is a problem but I'm still not tripping out about it.

So, yesterday I took out the trash and passed "the tree", the tree where I found a tiny little snail. I had to pop over there and take a look. I now have 2 microscopic garden snails in the terrarium home. (insert happy dance)

Both snails are so, so tiny. I hope they'll live. They hurried away into the moss jungle when I put them in their new home. I do hope they get stronger. They've got names. They're Uru Oak and Shiol Oak.  🙂 I found the tiniest, itty bitty little acorns that I added before I found the snails. Their home is so cute and ready to hold them for a long time.

Oh yeah, my pill bug colony is doing wonderfully. The small cricket farm is doing well as is the worm compost pile.

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The highlight of my week has been to getting poison oak. I'm not upset about it, not really. I've got it on my neck and under my chin as well as on my right hand. I've been doing alcohol rinses and so it should calm down pretty soon. I was outside looking for a garden snail, but I can't find one anywhere. I want a garden snail as a pet for a terrarium I have all set up for it. I can't find a snail but I did find poison oak. oops.

I have one emergency dental appointment tomorrow to manage some of the issues that have come up. Tomorrow I won't see my regular dental surgeon but a different man and his nurses. I'm nervous about this because I won't know them. Having a familiar face in the room is helpful. At least with this appointment we fast track the dental saga as a whole. It's possible I'll only have two more appointments with my regular dentist after this.

My body is not managing the saga well at all. I'm very, very tired. The emotional stress of going in slashes at my ability to function during for days after the appointment.

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Don't cha love good, cheap eats?marked down from $23.11 to $8.38

Earlier today I put the filling for homemade samosa filling in the crockpot and let it to simmer. I've had a few already and really enjoyed them. I've divided them into little portions for freezing so I can take them out and make more when I want them.

I did all the ingredients prep including making my own Masala and my own curry powder, but I cheated and used a store bought pastry. I think instead of beef I'll use lamb next time.

I've been craving chicken burritos. I need to make Spanish rice if I'm going to do that.... At least my appetite is still good. lol I made African donuts the other day as well as plantain fritters. These little treasures go with my tea time in the evening. I don't need a huge snack, just something nice to go along with late tea.

The other day I found one of my prize sales. I found pork chops for a steal. The original price was $23.11 marked down to $8.38. I love sales like that. I got 9 thick cut pork chops. That's how I get good eatin' on my budget. 🙂  ...continue reading

This morning I woke to no electricity. My first thought was, "I paid that bill. What the heck!!!" Then I thought, crap, I don't have hot tea. As I got my phone to call the electric company to see what's going on, I went over in my mind how to make a cup of hot tea using a clay flower pot and tea candles. BTW - this is not a good heating source for your home., ... Let me see........ Don't leave the room while its heating, don't use too many candles, do research on how to do this...all other disclaimers apply.

Okay, so, with the tea emergency resolved I called the electric company and found out there had been a storm and that lights in my neighborhood would be back on in half an hour. Liars. lol It took two.

I can sleep through just about anything. I sleep like a rock! I bet I'd sleep through Armageddon if someone didn't wake me.

"Faith, get up!"
"Girl, what's wrong with you waking me like that!"
"Get up. He's back."
"Christ. He's here. Girl, get up!"

No time for tea.


Tom the tap dancer It's a bad selfie, I know, but my phone doesn't have a forward facing camera. That'll be a must have feature on my next one... anyway....

People talk to me all the time wherever I go. Today I initiated the conversation because as a man walked by, his foot made a sound I recognized so I said to him, "Are you wearing taps?" He then explained he's been tap dancing in ballrooms rooms for years and has a performance tonight at some sort of event. His shoes are new and he needed more time to break them in. Tom did a little dance for me right there in Kroger. I sooooo loved it.

My grandfather was a great dancer.

My grandparents had a ball room on the ground floor in their home. That's the room with the impressive professional bar and a functioning waterfall. If you go through another door across the room, you enter the area where harder partying and poker were played. That room was decorated with dancers on the walls which my late aunt painted. There were arcade size games like pinball and Ms. Pacman. It was very laid back, but the ballroom areas was always formal.

I loved to see my grandfather dance and loved hearing his daughters brag about his performances when they were younger. Though the reason for going to his childhood orphanage wasn't positive, I loved seeing where my grandfather grew up. I loved the idea that I could see the same night stars he laid by the pond to see. I loved the idea that the ground I walked on was the same ground he lead a horse on or messed about with friends.

I was rather nostalgic at the store when Tom danced for me. What a treat. As you can see in the photo, he got an ear to ear smile with that small performance. Tom was the sweetest thing on taps. He made my heart smile as I remember my grandfather playing to the audience.

4:30pm EST

date 5/28/17 - out with friends, age 45I never felt a connection to my grandparents house. There was never a corner that held secrets I wanted to know. Yes, the house was impressive, but it was of no interest to me. Nana (now age 90) was adopted early on but reunited with her biological mother in her adult years. Her biological mother's home was very intriguing. That's where I first came in contact with a massive doll collection in cases that lined the wall. That's the home where I was served meals and dessert on my great-great-grandmother's china. Unforgettable.

I wanted to know everything about Nana's mother's house and the things in it. I wanted to know the story behind the jewelry box, behind my great-grandmother's physical scars on her back. I wanted to walk through her pantry and see all the stuff she had. I watched her make bread and pies. I was intrigued by the radio that was built in the wall in the restroom. The restroom was amazing as it glowed a soft amber.

My great-grandmother gave us permission to explore without restriction. I was able to walk the land and see fruit trees, flowers, the lemon trees and more. She had apple trees, a pear tree and cherry trees, too. There wasn't a dull moment in that house full of history.

I won't lie, my great-grandmother was a wicked woman in her youth. My Nana got her meanness 'naturally' because she wasn't raised by her biological mother. To hear my Nana tell it, she had a picture perfect childhood. ...continue reading

I took a much needed break from the news. Last night I read a bit and shook my head. They are madmen.

I guess not being part of the Paris Climate Deal means the US isn't willing to lie anymore. I can just hear it now, "We're going to ruin the earth, why lie about it?"

"We're going to send bio-hazardous materials to 3rd world countries and ruin their soil then blame them for it, why lie about it?"

"We actively destroyed Chinese soil. We've murdered and maimed adults and children who work and live around our hazardous factories. Why lie about it?"

I do not agree with abortion, but I understand that there are reasons to have one. I don't agree with killing in or out of the womb. Unfortunately the global gag order doesn't cover 'children without a womb' so it's okay to slaughter 3rd world children by poisoning the ground, water and air with factories owned and operated by US parties.

Emissions? Carbon fingerprint? Global warming and destruction of rainforest, unstabilized ecosystems? They used to lie and say they cared, now they don't. If that money goes where he said it should go then his friends can kill in bigger, better, faster ways then leave soldiers and their families struggling to cope just the way they do now.

As a side note - It's always taken individuals to secure change. No law can change attitudes or beliefs. No law can change morality. It is nothing short of immoral to destroy the earth or harm those who live on it.


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I'll work on this issue. Until then please be patient with my mess.

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That's a better title than this entry is going to be. Don't get your hopes up. This is an ah ha moment entry on my ....... yes........ my French studies. lol

Yeah, it was that bad. It was a total fail but I realized something, I only heard a limited number of people speak this language and hardly ever could I distinguish a single word. What happened was that I had a closed view of what French sounds like. In other words, I had a bias.

The language I heard is what I called ugly. There was no beauty in the sounds, no grace in the words and therefore no life could be heard...... ah but then things changed. I know I said I'd pick up Spanish after the great French train wreck and epic fail but I can't let myself do it.

While wallowing in life issues not related to schooling, I binge watched Hercule Poirot and I actually HEARD beautiful French. The thing is, I've seen all those before. There's nothing new except for how open my ears were to hearing what was said. I'd never heard the language sound 'beautiful' because I've always passed it off as ugly. Before people get too mad, consider how many people say German isn't a beautiful language. I say it is. It's all in how our bias lets us hear it or not hear it.

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I should never, ever go to the grocery store because there are too many stupid people there. Y'all, it's a scarf, a 99 cent scarf from Goodwill. It's not that big a deal. It was around my shoulders... my shoulders. It's black and gold, 'shimmery' as the woman described it.

She touched my scarf and said it was pretty. I said thank you. She started rattling on about how big and 'shimmery' it is then she said, "With that African scarf you could carry a watermelon." I said, "...or a body."

Really? Seriously? You went there? And yes, I did come back with, "...or a dead body."

Where do these people come from? I mean my goodness. I even got called out of my name by a customer, not an employee but a customer called me a female dog for asking the manager to open another line because I wasn't able to wait in the 5 lanes they had open ( in the middle of the day). I couldn't believe a customer called me out of my name! She went into a spiel about how she works in retail and cashiers can only do what they're asked to do, blah, blah, blah. I said, "Are you crazy? What's wrong with you? While you're figuring that out, watch me roll to Customer Service and get rung up." ...... I could not believe it!

I would wear my a baseball hat if it fit over my dreadlocks...and if I could avoid the stereotype that such a look indicates gang activity and other militants.

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