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My Cat Has A Split Personality

I bite ... and I have fangs. You laugh but its true. Mary Jane has two personalities, one that likes me and the other that likes to bite me. Wednesday afternoon I sat at the PC holding her in one arm while reading blogs. Out of nowhere the girl lifted her head and bit me on the cheek. Why? What on earth did I do? We sat there together, quietly then she turned her fangs on my face. She tagged me good too, she didn’t break the skin but she sure as shootin’ nailed me.

Since she’s been here I’ve wondered what it would be like to be tagged with her kitty fangs. Now I know.

One might think Vampira got down and went about her business but nope, she put her head back down and lie there as if nothing happened. Let me tell you this, if she bites me again I’m gonna bite her silly ass back. Not really, but the look on her face would be priceless if I did.

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On Crossing the Street

The session itself went just fine. Dr. D (finally) kicked in to helping me stay grounded enough to not go so far in my head I couldn’t get back. I left the session with Amy Smiles out, giggling of course cause that’s what she does. When I got out to the waiting room I began to search for my lighter to get a cigarette so that Morton would come back out and drive us home. Joan is MIA at the moment so Morton needed to take us home. She looked all through our bag but couldn’t find a lighter, she panicked. She thought she would have to stay out until finally Morton made his way back forward. She began to cry right there in the middle of the waiting room. Embarrassed!

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Power Underestimated

-inner dialoged-

She’s strong in her faith, a good woman with a successful marriage, children, grandchildren. Why on earth would she want to hang around me. I could just see everything in her life going sour. She’s leave her faith, fall to depression and end up dead if she hung around me.

You need to be quiet. If this girl is as strong in faith as you think she is but you’re worried about being wicked and destroying her, then you my have underestimated the power of God’s spirit.

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Power Underestimated – Thursday, December 30, 2010

That Place

I’m in that spot again where I really don’t want to continue therapy. It takes so much out of me its not even funny. I just keep thinking, I can’t do this, man I just can’t do this.

My mother showed up Christmas Eve as I suspected she would. That morning when I woke I didn’t wake up afraid, I woke up bold. She didn’t get out of the car. Gus acted a fool, showed teeth, hackles up, etc.  I went on about my business.

I’d almost pay for a hug today.

My anxiety level is through the roof.

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Ignorance killed your Piranha

Dearest Sir,

I’m still trying to gather myself from the phone call you just gave me at 9:30am telling me how horrible of a person I am. Are you seriously trying to tell me that your Piranha was killed by the toad you adopted from me and that it’s my fault?? Why on God’s earth would you put a toad in with a Piranha and expect them both to live? First off, they are totally different animals. FBT’s are semi-aquatic.

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Paintings By Amy Pink

Despite the fact that its totally exhausting to have a young one out for an extended period of time, Amy Pink has been at her painting yet again. She absolutely loves it and finds peace while doing it, so why not? One of the concerns she has about people seeing her work is that they’ll wonder if an adult helped her paint it. I’ll tell you now, no, she did this on her own. If you need a reason for why a 5 year old paints well then think of this, she’s a 5 year old in a 40 year old body. So there you have it, the girl paints quite well and I’m proud of her little self.  She puts her heart and soul into her work so I thought I’d brag on her a little bit.

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A Few Reservations

I started working with a new rescue shelter where I’ll be working in house twice a week instead of at home. My second day is this afternoon and I have to say, I have some reservations if not fears. As far as showing up twice a week, I have no problem with that. I fear the people… actually, I fear myself around people. I’m weird, I’m a know it all, a living trivia box full of unnecessary information. I’m annoying. I seem to be able to talk about one subject until I pass out or the other person does.

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