Banking and More Idiotic Moments

All of this took place in the bank full of people. The manager talked to me from across the room in a loud voice.

I went to the bank today to get a statement so I can renew my benefits and keep food on the table as well as keep my medical insurance. When I went to the bank all hell broke lose. That’s typical of my life so I wasn’t really that caught off guard by it all. I went in and I asked for a print out, that’s when I was told (from across the room where everyone could hear)  that I couldn’t get a print out because I’m an employee of 53rd bank and unable to come to a branch and print out my statement. I said, I’m not and have never been an employee. She turned to me and said, we have you listed as an employee of the bank AND an employee at 53rd bank. The manager asked how this could have happened if its not true. I said, we need to talk to the guy who changed things on my account about a month or so ago.

Three times the manager asked me if I’m an employee there. I said, I haven’t worked since 1992.  She said, in front of everyone, “I wish I were you. I wish I didn’t have to work since, what 1992?” I said, ” You mean you wish you had debilitating Lupus and Fibromyalgia?” She said, “Oh, I didn’t mean that. I just meant I wish….. never mind.” The people in the store shook their heads like, “Good for you for that reply.” I couldn’t believe she said that in front of all of those people.

That was the easy part of my banking experience. Now for onto fraud and being stripped of my account.

The manager and the guy who set up my ‘new account’ had to go into an office with me and get things straight. Come to find out, when I went in there awhile back to discuss this $8 fee they want to charge me, the guy took it upon himself to change a few settings. He put himself gave me a 53rd employee status account and then added that I am a state employee. This setting is not only false but fraudulent. The reason he did it was to make sure I didn’t  have to pay the $8 each month they want so I can keep my checking account.  Well you know what? Fraud isn’t the answer. He didn’t tell me that fraud was the way he intended to prevent my account from being charge that monthly fee.

Again I got the speech about if I could put $1500 a month in I wouldn’t be charged eight dollars. Again I told them that saying that means I’m being charged for being poor. I’m being penalized by the bank for being poor. They said, no, you can always have an online only account, you just can’t write checks. I said, listen, this is all I’m going to take from you guys. I’ve had enough. I said, you set up a fraudulent account for me now you’ve stripped me of my ability to write checks and I have no access to my account for the next 24 hours while your system clears me out as an employee. This is insanity to the highest degree! I said I’m done. I will not spend one more minute worrying with you people.

I reminded them that asking $11 to $8 per account is above market value. No other banks in the area ask that for a basic checking account. They looked at me like I was crazy. I said, the other thing this tells me is that if 53rd now needs to charge above market value prices for an account then the bank may be on shaky ground. I can go to several other SOLID banks and have them keep my money in their vaults for FREE without their workers setting me up as an employee and a state employee. I said I’m gone but not quietly. If you for one second believe corporate won’t hear about this then your’e dead wrong. I said, and they’ll also hear about how you attempted to embarrass me in front of all your customers with that comment about me not working since 1992.

After 12 year of banking with 53rd I have been stripped to an online only account because I only bring in $716 a month. If I made $1500 a month I could still bank there and write checks. However, because I am poor I am being asked a fee. Because the employee took liberties with my account I now have on record that I work for them. If that is the case THEN PAY ME. Pay me for all the stress you put me through today simply trying to get a print out to take to the department of family services. It should have been simple, but it turned into fraud and a divorce from my bank. You have got to be kidding me 53rd!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me.

On Etsy there are they books created to write down the names of people who you want to shoot, beat up, punch in the face, etc, ect. Fifth Third Bank would be at the top of the list second only to my apartment manager with his highly immoral, sickening, debased view of who he should rent to.

I won’t be punching anyone in the face but there is a list. There’s a list of things that need to be addressed. The bank needs to be addressed, the medical company that visited my home needs to be addressed and the religious internet site called Mt of Olives is on the list for stealing my artwork and refusing to remove it from their site. They are currently offline due to non-payment for their site but they are by no means in the clear for stealing my painting Five Sisters. Just because I’m slow to getting to ‘you’ doesn’t mean I won’t address it. If you’re on the list you’re on there until I’m satisfied that I’ve been heard. I have seriously just begun!

Faith out!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Banking and More Idiotic Moments

  1. Sherri

    I HATE BANKS! Such a clever institution of deceit. They charge us to keep our money, they charge us to withdraw our money, they charge us to open or close an account. They charge us for statements.

    I have an online only account and I still get charged fees if my balance drops below a certain level… which it does each and every month, promptly on the day after payday…

    If I could insure my own money, it would be buried in a can somewhere. I don’t give a fig about losing interest because they don’t pay enough interest to offset all the charges…

    Done with my rant now :)

    I may or may not need to start one of those “punch in the face” lists…sounds kind of cathartic!

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