A Quiet Day

Today I’ll have a friend over and we’ll sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint peeps in the hot chocolate. We’ll chat a bit then take a walk. I’ll come back to my home, she’ll go home to hers and we’ll count it a good day.

I’m done with the regular home visits that have made my door revolve non-stop. I’ve got a full month of rest ahead of me. I’m so looking forward to it. So how do I start off day one of rest? I start it off the same as I do other days, in awe of the life in my tanks…in awe of how the sun bounces perfectly off betta tanks and in awe of the fall trees outside my windows.

I feel good. My entire body hurts but my mind feels lighter. I want to keep it that way so I need a plan.

I have planned for myself a quiet day

with no self reflection, no deep thoughts, no inner searching.

I have planned for myself a day of peace

which includes a visit  from a friend, a visit from the nurse, cuddling with the cat and watching the sun set.


One thought on “A Quiet Day

  1. sherri

    This sounds like a wonderfully restorative day you have planned. The hot chocolate alone sounds heavenly!! I’m in search of peppermint peeps…I’ll keep you posted LOL

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