That’s dinner, that’s good

I had therapy today. Tomorrow the podiatrist will be here but the rest of the day is my own. I’ll go to therapy on Wednesday, services on Thursday then meet up with Betty on Friday. Even though I go somewhere every single day or see someone every single day it feels much slower than it was. Turning my phone off at night helps. Anyone with my cell phone number knows how to contact me still.

In therapy we discussed shutting down my Etsy shop for a month or so while I recover from the ordeal that will begin in December. Early December I’ll put the shop on vacation mode but I’ll continue to produce art and stuff. It’s just that I won’t be up to going to the post office as much and  I won’t be up to filling orders and such, not for a bit anyway.  Life changes December 3rd. I’m afraid but settled that it needs to happen. It needs to happen so my chances are better that I’ll stay on the right side of the dirt.

To get ready for this I got my hair done. I just got the dreadlocks re-twisted.  I know there’s a possibility that I’ll lose my hair but I still wanted to get it done so I could photograph it. I want photos of what I can work towards again. Who spends money to get their dreadlocks redone with the strong possibility that they’ll lose them? Someone who needs a photo reminder of what they can work towards. Someone who needs a photo reminder that Lupus tears down but once better controlled she can get back to who she really is. I may lose my crown for a little bit (I close my eyes and shake my head on that. My heart drops) but I want a photo reminder that I’ll again recognize the person in the mirror I’ve come to know as Faith Austin. Since I won’t be painting nearly as much I figure a nice French manicure is in order as is a pedicure.

The rest of tonight is mine which means peace starts now. Dinner will start off with a mix of foods that may not really go together but it works for me. I’ll start off with sliced Jack and Colby cheese on garlic and olive oil crackers. I’ll sip 2 to 4 ounces of black beer then have roasted chicken with garlic and peppers with a small side of angel hair pasta with garlic butter sauce. I’ll finish it all off with a small piece of cherry cheese cake purchased for one dollar at my local grocery store. Yeah, its going to be a good night.

One thought on “That’s dinner, that’s good

  1. sherri

    I’m thinking that dinner sounds very good!

    I’m so sorry you have to go through that treatment… will you be home or do you have to do it inpatient?

    I like having pictures around too… they help keep me focused on what is real and what is perceived. Although, I really don’t like pictures of myself all that much… and the changes that I go through aren’t even close to what you are fixing to do…

    I guess what “they” say is true… sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the better…. pft… not fair is it?

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