What weirdness is this?

What weirdness is this? I take 20mg of Baclofen 3 times a day. It’s a high dose. What I’ve found is that this stuff really messes with my thinking, my ability to stay awake as well as changes in my eating habits. No lie, about 30 min or so after taking Baclofen I’ve got the munchies. Its so bad that the other day at the store I purchased something that looked so good I couldn’t pass it up. I purchased a slice of chocolate cake. I don’t like chocolate cake, at all but I mean to tell you it looked great. I brought it home and ate a bite then put it up because I hate chocolate. The next day, two doses later I thought about that cake in the freezer and tore it up! I don’t  like chocolate but you put me on Baclofen and I start eating stuff like it’s going out of style.

I figure I need to handle this rather common side effect the same as if it were medicinal marijuana. I need to prepare a meal so that when the Baclofen munchies hit I’ve got a good meal waiting for me. I won’t go hog wild with high calorie junk that’ll complicate or compromise future health.

I took the Baclofen today just before I went to the store. Gotta stop doing that! The good thing is I had to carry everything back so I was able to limit the amount of crave foods purchased. I did quite well. I purchased Italian Roast Beef (good and garlicky , a few slices of Munster cheese for 55 cents and a bunch of small things form the deli. Many of the items I got were a quarter or fifty cents because they’re in small quantities. I don’t purchase them in larger amounts because they’re expensive but the smaller containers are such a treat.  The best purchase from the deli discount area was a few pieces of Swiss cheese that’ll go on black forest ham. Okay, my eyes literally rolled in the back of my head thinking of the melty cheese on warm black forest ham. Gracious!

Yeah, Baclofen makes me hungry but if I expect it and prepare for it then I can manage that symptom. The management I have for later is warm Spanish peanuts with jelly beans. I’m telling you, they had it at the deli for a dollar. I was all over it. It reminded me of going to the mall as a kid and buying them when everyone else got caramel corn.

Okay, so tomorrow will be a full day. I’ll go to bed around midnight then get up at 8 and leave here by 9:15 with my friend Betty. She stayed up making cookies the other night. She made macaroons and a shortbread cookie. I’ll have fresh cookies waiting for me tomorrow. After Oncology I’ll come back home and have a second appointment at 3:30pm. I’ll more than likely break down and fall apart around 7 or so. I already know that I’m running on … fumes … I guess I’ve been thinking about the building and how it looks inside. I’ve been thinking about the staff, the patients and all sorts of things about that hospital and I feel so much better about going back for the treatments. I know though that I’m scared to death. Despite feeling hopeful, despite needing hope I still worry and still wonder why I’d go through this? Why would I do this? I am going to, but my head spins when I think about it so I just start to think about all the good stuff about going there, like the free coffee and muffins. I know that reality will set in and it’ll hit me hard. I’ve got phone numbers lined up for the eventual breakdown. I can’t even explain how frightening it is to walk in there as a patient. I can’t explain it at all. Right now I’ll trust the advancements in treatment and hope that this will be over soon so I can get back to the regular insanity, the insanity that I know.


One thought on “What weirdness is this?

  1. sherri

    The deli treats sound wonderful!! And I can’t believe you ate chocolate cake :)

    I hope that tomorrow goes better for you than what you are expecting. Praying & hoping that it will be a smooth day and that you can find some peace at the end of it.

    And coffee & muffins sound tasty – and free! Woot!

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