Impromptu Gathering of Friends

Three tiny wine glasses. One bottle of wine. Slices of cheese, snack crackers and laughter. That is what I was met with when I got home. It was refreshing. The two people are from the aquarium club that I wasn’t expecting to see but since they know I actually like Merlot they brought some AND gave me my own little wine glass, my first.

At this tiny one hour gathering of fish enthusiasts, we discussed African Cichlids (Kribensis), Australian Rainbowfish and of course African Clawed Frogs. There were no takers on the tiny albino baby I’m still trying to rehome.

I’d been wondering if there’s a fish that would be a suitable bottom dweller for the tank and it turns out that one of the visitors has baby Kribensis that he’s trying to get rid of before they’re eaten by their parents who are on their third brood.  He gave me the last of the babies which I put in a planted tank that had no fish in it. The tank was sitting at Betta Place fully planted and waiting for life. Now it has some in it. When I’ve got more information on them they’ll go in the big tank with the rainbows.

What I like about their size now is that they are fully capable of taking on the baby rainbows if they were put in that tank. It’s just I never take fish and toss them in there. I always quarantine first. So, they’ll stay in the smaller tank for a little bit until I know more about these particular fish and if they are healthy enough to go in with my rainbow school. If they are, they’ll join the tank and help round out the three different levels of the tank. I should have a top environment, a middle and a bottom. It’s fully planted with driftwood. I’d like to get more driftwood but dang the prices here are crazy. I’d like more but right now that’s not an option. At least they’ve got their live plants and plenty of space.

The other day I looked at that tank and thought, man that’s perfect. One of the visitors today  pointed to the rainbow tank and said, “You’ve got the touch, you know it?”  I just glowed. It felt good to hear that. 

A stressful day with doctors was accented with warmth and gifts in the form of healing expressions. I so needed to be alive for this.

I drank a tiny bit of wine, had a tad bit of cheese on Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits and enjoyed the conversation very much. The tiny group broke up after about an hour and life went back to my current kind of normal.


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