All kept moving ahead and forward

F. Magdalene AustinWhen I’m anxious I paint. When I’m anxious I walk. The other day was a walking day. While walking I decided to explore an area struck by last spring’s storms. In that area there are at least 5 trees uprooted. It’s as if they were effortlessly plucked and left on their side. Sad though the sight may sound, nature has created its own art piece. It’s the kind of art you only find in nature, the stuff artists  like me can’t come close to mimicking.

Now I’ll tell you this, I didn’t photograph the entire tree or the environment, mainly for privacy reasons. I just photographed some of the twigs. However, if you use your imagination you might be able to see what I’m going to describe. Also, if you ever get the chance to safely explore a wooded area with fallen trees like this, do so. It is amazing.

One of the benefits of my hypervigilance is that I got to see and feel everything in that moment. I usually hate hypervigilance and do everything in my power to cut down on outside stimuli but that wasn’t the time for exclusions. It was chilly and wet but that didn’t  matter, I was all around art and stayed as long as my body would allow. I was there awhile.

Here’s the million dollar question:  If a tree falls in Faith’s back yard will art ensue? Yes, yes it will. I have no idea what I’ll do with these cuttings. I may simply arrange them and offer them as vase fillers or I may use part of them for a project. However it goes, art .. will .. happen..

Here are a few photos of branches found attached to a downed trees. The trees have been just waiting to be preserved in some way, and they will be.


When the storm blew it over, bright orange roots were exposed from deep, black earth. All sorts of wonderful things grew around and through it. There are good size rocks with beautiful lush moss growing on top and spilling over the sides. In that same space tall flowers stand frozen in winter dreams beside once strong life forces. Amazingly, life kept sprouting. All kept moving ahead and forward as if nothing had disturbed the earth.  That one little spot of land is like a dream, if nature dreamed in sculpture.


2 thoughts on “All kept moving ahead and forward

  1. Sherri

    It sounds gorgeous!

    I love all the curly cues on the twigs… they are really interesting. I’ve seen them like that on the fake-o stuff in the stores but never in real life, dead/fallen trees.

    Moss… i LOVE moss… there is none here. It’s so freakin dry…

    I’m glad you have yard art :)

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