Twenty One

Six white stars

I started celebrating my Independence from an abusive household back in 1992, twenty one years ago to date.  Since this is the last one I chose to memorialize I wanted to do something a little different which ended up being a lot more emotional than I expected it to be.  I wasn’t sad I was just … emotional. Actually, I think I started getting emotional when I began to write a few words on each balloon just before my ride showed up. I knew I wanted to write a few words on them but I decided to wait until just before I left to do it. I wanted it off the cuff, not something I thought about way too much. I just wanted a few words on each balloon.

I hoped for a windy day and I hoped it would snow. The place I chose is a place I’ve visited often. They’ve got a wonderful koi pond, beautiful indoor gardens, art shows, free music concerts and plenty of flower shows. I’ve walked in that park with my dogs, took refuge there after therapy sessions, followed paths looking for art treasures and sat by the water watching the ducks go by. I’ve spent an incredible amount of time in peace at that park so it seemed a fitting place  to release 6 white star balloons.

The following photos are from February 2nd, 2013, the mark of twenty one years free of an abusive prison and the start of the next step in my healing process. It’s been hours since I released these but it still makes me smile. Oh, and after the released my friend and I ended up at Goodwill where I found a new smock. I was quite pleased so that photo is in there too.

It was a good day for letting go a little more.


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