March Ahead

March 1st I’ll move into my new apartment. It took two months to get approved but I did get approved. Mary Jane and I will pack our things and have people from our place of worship do all the physical labor of moving things. I’m both frightened and grateful for the move. I’m looking ahead with guarded joy.

I wanted large windows. I wanted a good amount of sun. I asked for, prayed for, a place on the same side of town I’m on. I need quiet. I need space. I needed to end my time here and I will. What a relief to know that I’m moving on time. This is a good thing, it’s a good thing. Yeah, I think so.


2 thoughts on “March Ahead

  1. Sherri


    It will be so wonderful to get away from the people you are currently surrounded by. I know moving is so very stressful. And I imagine it will be hard to have other people physically moving your things for you… but… it is incredibly wonderful that there are people in your life that will do that work for you. You are blessed my friend :)

  2. Sierra crosby

    I can relate to the fear and guarded happiness. As I struggled with agoraphobia for years, those first weeks after moving I didn’t feel like I had a safe space. Everything was new scary and dangerous.

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