Socks, Brazilians and Patchouli

I’m physically tired but emotionally better. I’m better. I’m still having what I believe to be stress headaches but they’re fewer than they were. I’ll talk to the doc about them again tomorrow. It’s been about three weeks since they started. Today marked yet another increase in doses because my blood still isn’t right. I’m back to a few restrictions and requirements that I’m numb to at the moment. Lupus and Fibro take up a lot of my world right now but not all of it. Here are photos from the rest of my life.

crazy socks
I have new crazy socks, a host of them. These are my favorite of that bunch.
Janie's Very Terrible Day
Mary Jane lost her mind a few days ago and decided my stomach was a good trampoline. She hopped up and down, up and down. Earlier that evening she ran from one end of the house to the next, over the sofa, over the chair, on the table, on the bed, the dresser and back out. She was off her rocker. She’ll be 8 years old next month I believe. I’ll have to check her records but I think she’s either in March or April. You can’t tell she’s a senior though. I’ve had her 4 years now. Despite threatening to kick her out or put her on meds, Janie is a really good girl that I’m fortunate to have.

overly medicated but really good teaThis photo was taken a few days ago at an Indian restaurant. A few days after that I was invited to a different restaurant where shirtless Brazilian men bring all sorts of meat to your table. There’s a sign on your table that if it shows red it means you want the stallions to bring you meat. If you turn the sign green you need a rest before more meat. I politely declined….. I’m good. That’s okay. I’ll stick with stuff like Denny’s all you can eat pancakes served by their fully clad waitressing staff.

When I’m not drinking tea, when I don’t have a half grin on my face and I’m not learning new things about my friends who like endless meat and Brazilian men, I’m painting and making oils. I’ve been messing around with some more infused oils. I started off by making Lavender infused oils and chamomile infused oils but since I’ve got a few hippie friends I started working with patchouli. I’ve always said I don’t like the smell of patchouli essential oils and I don’t, however, an infusion is a bit different. I like it. It’s not quite ready yet but it’s getting there. I figured after 5 different people asked about it, I might as well go ahead and try it. I’m still producing lavender and chamomile, and if all goes will I’ll continue with the patchouli.
Oil Infusions - Smelly Good Things by SUNDRIP

That’s all I’ve got for the moment.

3 thoughts on “Socks, Brazilians and Patchouli

  1. Sherri

    I can’t wait until I get my first paycheck! I have plans to buy oils… I’m so excited! They are one of those little luxuries that make my life so much better :) And patchouli!!!!

    Those socks are pretty hot!

    And I love that smock you have…

    Brazilian 1/2 naked men? Oh my!

  2. Austin Post author

    Red Lobster has all you can eat shrimp. I hear they just keep on a-bringin’ it to ya. The Olive Garden has all you can eat pasta, salad and bread sticks, we could go there. Both of these places require their employees to be fully clothed. Call me odd but….. I appreciate a waiter who is fully clothed.

    You know them bad boys are going to be well oiled at the Brazilian place. I wonder if I could interest them in some Smelly Good Things from SUNDRIP? :-) Oh wait, I don’t have any male scents. My bad!


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