What to keep and what to throw away

Most of my furniture stays here, including my bed, sofa and chair. I’ll get quite the upgrade on furniture. The previous tenant not only left me all his very nice furniture but he also left me an Oreck vacuum cleaner. He left me his bedroom furniture which he spent a good bit on, he left me floor lamps, end tables, a nice coffee table and a chair with an ottoman. He left his television, a large entertainment center and a surprise in the restroom that made me screech. I didn’t remember that the shower curtain has Discus fish on it. It’s not overly bright, it’s got deep colors in it and is really pretty. I like it a lot. Of course I’m going to keep it. He left a really nice shower head too.

new shower curtain built in book shelfAfter moving all my stuff in I have plans for decorating. I have plans to stay for a very long time. Oh what a relief.

As far as fish go, I’m strongly considering going down to one large fish tank. Instead of two 60 gallon tanks I’d like to keep the long 6o gallon tank and sell off the other tank. I don’t want to run them both. I’m tired and it feels like too much right now to run them both. It was suggested to me that I store the other sixty in case I want it later on. I may do that. I do know, however, that right now I don’t want to set up two fish tanks which means the frogs get the long tank and the other tank gets put in the closet.

The plan is to get 2 pieces of plexiglass cut so that there’s a top for my 60 long. I’ll put the frogs in that and then have Betta Place displayed on the built in book shelf next to the frog’s tank. Heck, the previous tenant was even nice enough to leave me a can of WD40 on the shelf. I kept meaning to buy one and never did. LOL.

In addition to good, clean furniture and a super nice sweeper, this gentleman has allowed his security deposit to be transferred over in my name. If you’re wondering if he’s a nice man, the answer is yes.

As far as furniture goes, there’s very little that I need to take with me because the apartment is well furnished. I’ll take boxes and such but not a lot of my own furniture. Today I moved over my porcelain dolls as well as my antique doll house. Those items I just couldn’t trust someone to move.

You know what’s interesting? When I leave home for any length of time I miss my cat Mary Jane. I can’t wait to get home and see my annoying fuzzy butt child. She’s my special girl and I love her very much. She’s been sleeping with me lately too which is appreciated.
Okay, well, I’ll be packed and out of here by Thursday. It won’t be easy physically but it’ll get done. I’ll be moved then I can rest in my new home. Boy that makes me smile when I think of it…. my new home. :-)

With a thankful heart,

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