Pets and the Move

Mary Jane has settled in with no difficulties at all. She’s good to go. That’s my girl! The many boxes laying around are a playground for her. I love to watch her play. She’s 8 years old now but still plays and is curious like a kitten. I don’t know why it is we say animals are curious but humans are nosy. My cat is straight up nosy. She has passed curious and is straight up nosy!

Nosy Mary Jane has slept on top of me as well as in the living room alone. She sleeps on the back of the chair, the back of the sofa, in the window and just about anywhere else. She has settled in with no problems at all. There is bad news on the pet front though. One of the 60 gallon tanks got broken.  Here’s the thing, ……….. I don’t care. I really don’t. I’m physically tapped and right now I can’t keep up with the number of tanks I had.

Here’s the other thing, I didn’t expect the tank to get broken but it’s okay it did because there were no fish to go in it. At a certain point while preparing to move I knew I knew where my body was so I rehomed most of my fish. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to set up their tank in a timely manner so I rehomed all 14 rainbowfish from that 60 gallon tank including the 10 inch pleco in there. I rehomed a tank of guppies, molly fish and a few others I had in various tanks. I knew I would need time after the move to rest and get my head together before trying to set up a tank so I did what I thought was best for everyone. It’s a good thing I rehomed the fish because it was the frog’s tank that got broken.

Moving the frogs was easy. I put them in a rubbermaid tub with air holes and kept them in there for about a week. They did just fine but are now in the surviving 60 gallon tank. Two of the 4 Betta fish made the move and several of Sia’s tadpoles made the move. So, Mary Jane, the frogs and 2 Betta fish are what I have right now.  I’ll eventually get another tank so I can put the frogs in it and keep the long tank for fish, but right now I need to rest and keep it simple which is why I’m not upset that the other tank was broken. I’ve got a great little nook for Betta tanks which I intend to fill and decorate. :-) I look forward to that.

Well, that’s all for now. I got moved in, most of my things made it, all of what I need made it. Despite the emotional and physical toll I’m happy with the move and look forward to settling in more.

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